Entrapment, Stings, Infiltration, Official Spying

Also see: Police, Spies, Surveillance, Terrorism

Obama Regulatory Czar-Infiltrate all Conspiracy Theorist Groups

Cass Sunstein-Harvard Working Paper on Disrupting Conspiracy Theorists

Regulatory Czar’s Earlier Working Paper on Conspiracy Theories

Terrorism, Spies, Entrapment: “Man says he was informant for FBI in Orange County” by Teresa Watanabe and Scott Glover (at globalresearch.ca) – Feb. 26, 2009. – “As federal authorities press their case against a Tustin man accused of lying about ties to Al-Qaeda, they disclosed this week that some evidence came from an informant who infiltrated Orange County mosques and allegedly recorded the defendant discussing jihad, weapons and plans to blow up abandoned buildings.”

Undercover Cops in Violent Groups

FBI Create another Fake Synagogue-Bombing Group

Obama Regulatory Czar-Infiltrate all Conspiracy Theorist Groups

“G20 police ‘used undercover men to incite crowds’ ” by Jamie Doward and Mark Townsend (voltairenet.org) – June 8, 2009.

FBI Creates Another Plant “Funding Terrorism” –Four Saps Took the Bait and Convicted

FBI Set Up Hutaree Militia with Agent Provocateur


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  1. To all my TI friends, I love you, and keep the Faith. Jesus is watching the terrible things the perps are doing to His children. Hell will be for satan and his angels,and evil humans who love to torture other people. They tortured me for 7 years and because i spend a lot of time studying the evil things they do, they are really hurting me. I found out that the electromagnetic sexual rapeing is to entrap TI’s so they can get pictures to make you look bad, then with the help of a shrink or two they try to castrate by EMF and EMP and lots of differant drugs and deadly poison and lots of heavy radiation. If that doesn’t kill you, they got ways to do that also. Keep getting more info and show it to your health providers. Go to [site name that doesn’t work] things you need to know. God bless you-all, i pray for all the TI’s every day. sonny sea

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