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Wide Spectrum List of Organizations and Information Sources, mostly official or mainstream, public or private, and some alternative. Emphasis on Canada.
No endorsement implied.
Under Construction Updated: June 19, 2014

Governments: Canada: Federal (and Government-related Information)
Canada Gazette
Canada News Centre (Government News) – Legislation
Canada’s Parliament
The Constitution Act, 1982
Criminal Code
Laws of Canada
The Supreme Court of Canada – Documents & Judgments
Supreme Court Home Page
Canadian Patents Database
Bank of Canada
CanLII: The Canadian Legal Information Institute (by Federation of Law Societies of Canada) – Canadian law online

Provincial, Territorial and Municipal Governments
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Ontario Government Newsroom
Ontario Legislature
Ontario Ombudsman
Toronto City Update
Prince Edward Island

Canadian Non-government
C. D. Howe Institute
Canadian Constitution Foundation
Canadian Foreign Policy (and links)
Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic
Canadian International Council (= CFR = RIIA / formerly Canadian Institute of International Affairs)
Consumers Association of Canada
Democracy Watch (Ottawa)
The Fraser Institute
MacKenzie Institute
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
Polaris Institute
Power Corporation of Canada
Royal Society of Canada
Science for Peace (Canada)

Amnesty International
Aspen Institute
Bahá’í Faith
Bank for International Settlements
Biometrics Consortium – Publications
Biosphere 2
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Chatham House / Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA = CFR) (History)
City of London Corporation
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR = RIIA)
Earth Charter Initiative
European Union
Free Trade of the Americas
Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies
IMF International Monetary Fund
International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights
International Monarchist League & Constitutional Monarchy Association
Charles G. Koch Foundation
A to Z of Nanotechnology
The National Center for Public Policy Research
National Security Agency
NATO NATO Press Releases NATO Review NATO Update
One World Trust
Open Society Archives
Optimum Population Trust
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
Rand Corporation
Reform the UN
Responsibility to Protect
Rothschild Foundation
Secular Humanism
Society of Professional Journalists
SPP News
The Trilateral Commission
United Nations Human Rights
United Nations Population Division
UN Press Releases & Meetings Coverage
University World News
The World Bank
World Citizen Foundation
World Federalist Movement and Institute for Global Policy
World Government of World Citizens
World Health Organization (WHO)
World Trade Organization

News: Canada
Toronto Star
Bourque Newswatch
Canada Free Press
CBC News
CTV News
Embassy Magazine
Esprit de Corps
The Globe and Mail
Google News Canada
Google News “Canada”
Google News “Ontario”
The Hill Times
London Free Press
National Post Canadian Newspapers
Norman’s Spectator
Public Eye Online (B.C.)
Sympatico / MSN News
Toronto Free Press
Toronto Star
Toronto Sun
Yahoo News Canada

U.S. Government
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty (U.S. Congress)

News: U.S. / International
BBC News (U.K.)
Banking Industry Today (EIN)
Boston Globe
Boston Herald
Channel 4 News (U.K.)
Daily Mail
Drudge Report
Guardian (U.K.)
Google News
The Independent (U.K.)
International Herald Tribune
New York Times World Newspapers
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Tech Law Journal
Washington Times

Merriam-Webster OnLine Dictionary
Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

Other Search Engines
ixquick start page


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