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  1. what a crock. Granted there is sometimes something to be said for people like you who never paid attention in school, never learned science. I know lots of hunters and trappers who don’t need David Suzuki to tell them the climate is changing (warming). As for you, you should have listened in school. You don’t know what every single northern resident of Canada knows about climate change. They see it and live with it every day, and they are forced to live with it.

    • The last winters have been colder where I have lived in Ontario the last couple of years at least. The winters and springs have been very cold. Just because your area has been warming means what? Blame human activity? Prove it. The earth’s climate changes. I took plenty of science in school and university. Do you have any more logical fallacies? Science means some priesthood that makes declarations? Is that it?

  2. The poles are shifting. Do the math. Nothing to be alarmed about and sure as hell no amount of tax money is going to change anything.

  3. Well, it’s taken a while, but we may have hit the real turning point in our climate history. The last 24 months have seen an undeniable shift downward in temperature to the point where current global temperature is about the same as 2002-2008 and even a little lower that the spike in 1998. You could say that there is essentially no net temperature increase for 20 years now. And it looks like temperatures will go lower. Of course, it depends on what the truth is about the role of CO2 if CO2 level is the driving force for global temperature and climate change, then this downward temperature spell shouldn’t last very long. On the other hand, if CO2 is a minor player and solar activity is the real source of our heat, then the predicted reduction in solar intensity over the coming decades will see us with lower temperatures. It will become clear enough relatively soon if we just keep our minds open to the real-life evidence.

  4. “In Search Of” also covered UFO abductions, Bigfoot sightings, and the Loch Ness Monster. Using its episode on the imminent ice age scare for evidence that science is unreliable is ridiculous. The ice age scare of the 1970s was tabloid stuff. Scientists were just beginning to understand the climate well enough to build working models of it, and most of them felt it was too early to make any kind of predictions. Most of the rest expected global warming because of greenhouse gas emissions. The handful of papers projecting cooling, that set off the scare, were talking about the effects of sulfur emissions, and the cooling they projected was only if sulfur emissions continued to grow. The Clean Air Act was passed, and sulfur emissions went way down, rendering those cooling projections moot.

  5. It wasn’t just “In Search of” – it was all over the media. It was the general media and the so-called “science” that is put out to the public. This is the standard pattern. And since you’re going to down that route, Whitley Strieber also has promoted climate change throughout his career as a promoter of the visitation / abduction / UFO mythos. What the media projects is the official “science” and real science should not be a matter of making declarations to the public that can’t be questioned. The promotion of half-truths to serve the actual political agenda of total control of the population – including depopulation – is the function of so-called science. One set of stories from the 70s proves there is this process of public relations propaganda which is ongoing and calls into question all such campaigns by those in power – which is what the media represents – it is controlled by those in power. It is not real “science”. It is garbage, just like their Piltdown hoax. “Science” is just a bunch of declarations that we’re not allowed to question, backed up by hot air and propaganda. If it’s real science, then I just have to present my counter-arguments, which I did in some of the above comments and people just have to respond if they want – present the evidence. The earth has not been warming consistently and it has been up and down historically regardless of man’s activities. If it’s power politics by a powerful and wealthy oligarchy, then it is hard for any opposition to make a dent and we’re just going to be paying carbon taxes and living in Smart Cities. This is the agenda of those in power. And their “science” is just a bunch of scams in order to direct society. By the way, you mention sulfur emissions as being significant, but actually hydrogen fluoride emissions are much more significant in terms of human health and they were never mentioned by the mainstream media in coverage about air pollution back in the day. Because they were part of the process of atomic bomb manufacturing and other important manufacturing. This is documented in the Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson. It was suppressed in other words. So the mainstream media is full of crap and “science” is full of crap. “Fake news”. I’m just presenting evidence of this being a long-term situation of crap generation. Julian Huxley contradicts the human-created climate change doctrine of his successors in his writings but he was one of the authors of the modern humanist-hoax-generation-globalist system along with his brother – and he explains this in one of his essays I quote at powerandreality.com about how SCIENCE IS FOR KNOWLEDGE AND CONTROL. Especially he is referring to social science. He repeats this over and over along with his other essays advocating eugenics and transhumanism. MKULtra is another example of organized “science” for the purpose of control.

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