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Anti-terror bill S-7 passed by House of Commons, devastating attack on rights and freedoms, power grab using same old excuse, looking forward to future of endless abuse — 6 Comments

  1. Looking to join a peaceful protest against this bill.I am upset that this government has taken our freedoms and humanitary rights for which this country was built on.The draconian laws were in place for 5 years after 9 11 and the crown had no need to use them.

    • You could try that.

      Maybe someone could put this idea about non-consent to use – it’s more of a way of protesting via the legal system – https://canadianliberty.com/?p=14829 I’m trying to get more info to see if it’s possible.

      I wrote a new post that talks about Diefenbaker’s Bill of Rights – his bill of rights is really crystal clear about rights of due process: https://canadianliberty.com/?p=14992

      So people could educate others using a copy of that or parts of the Charter even. Those are the principles we lost. People are told to worship power now instead. I wonder if he does a review of civil liberties in the latest “Iron Man” film. Probably not.

      I wouldn’t underestimate the malevolence behind the major parties and legislation like this – and the level of mind control the public is under. That would be incredible if some Members of Parliament or other societal “leaders” felt some shame about the direction society has gone – and felt some motivation to change it. I know where it’s going to end up otherwise.

  2. Also, I don’t mean to distract you from goal of whatever kind of protest you had in mind. I just wanted to mention looking into this alternative

  3. Our Canadian government has a fear of civil dissent. The same Bills S-7, C-26, C-55, amongst others, can be used to imprison for dissent as well as suspicion of being a terrorist. A police state is set up out of fear that the Canadian citizens have woken to the reality and refuse to forfiet soveriengty for a totalitarian world agenda. Our Canadian government has and still is spending massive amounts of tax dollars in arming, building prison camps at military bases, collecting intellegence, and for laws to lesson our freedoms under the heading of terrorism prevention but that are also used against the peacefull who are among disobedient protesters. The Toronto G20 is a government fear tactic (to put fear in the citizens like the marshal law in Boston). I believe the United States government fears more of a citizens revolt. Canada is weighted by more recent immigrants that are loyal to the status quo. It can be also agrued that new immigrants might be privy to totalitarian indicators from the country they left. Since all political parties tow the same agenda, i.e., corporate lobbied policies, Agenda 21 and non-soveriegn policies. The non-consent platform would be a peacefull strategy option. A way to implement this is to campaign small businesses for funds to lobby lawyers to serve our interests in giving non-consent and setup a civil registry. Your comments are appreciated.

    • Thanks for that info. I’m not sure how much it would cost just for an individual – without hiring a lawyer – to file at a “court of record”. Lawyers could provide advice, but I think Clint is probably right that we shouldn’t do the usual thing of having lawyers substitute for us. There could be multiple registries I guess for people to see everyone’s submissions / letters. If anyone has knowledge about this, they’re welcome to comment.

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