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Austerity guilt propaganda by CBC and NGOs against alleged "food waste" by Canadians — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks you, I am soooo happy others are recognizing Agenda 21 propaganda when they see it!! I am a land use planner in Ontario and have been witnessing this crazy crap for years. What a load of fascist nonsense. Next on the horizon, mandatory gps for cars to monitor us and impose a mileage tax.

    • Jessica, thanks for the links to your site and comments. I’m also hoping that more people will become aware of Agenda 21, which is available at the UN website for all to see. But once they see Agenda 21 as something real, they’d also tend to the conclusion that their whole life has been managed, and the picture of reality they receive from the media and education system is deliberately deceptive.

  2. The 2nd AMAZING blog I’ve seen tonight, oh my gosh it’s so wonderful to find people really knowing what gross idiots the people in government really are rather than being just brainwashed.

    The kicker is that there of course is no reason, AT ALL, why meters be wireless. (Italy, Idaho, and other places have wired smart meters.) No reason EXCEPT that the mega corporations want an Orwellian smart grid — and a giant wireless mesh is the backbone of their PRIVACY-INVASION network. Check this: Campbell flying back and forth to “world elite” Bilderberg meetings. Of course, it was Campbell who passed legislation to remove our watchdog, the BC Utilities Commission. This is important – the 99% need to connect the dots on this one… it has nothing to do with saving energy.
    The smart meter program is TOTALLY anti-democratic, is a $1B+ TAX on BC citizens, our rates are increasing 50% to 300% with smart meters, and the “smart grid” would literally be a “big brother” eradication of human rights and in-home privacy. ALL OF THESE REASONS are why now Hawaii, Connecticut, and much of Europe have now BANNED smart meters entirely.

    From Josh Del Sol’s blog/Producer & Director of “Take Back Your Power” http://www.takebackyourpower.net
    Your Guide to the Private Owner’s Claim of Right for “Electrical Code Compliance”.
    In Law, anything within the brackets [__] does not exist. It means you understand the [Public title-name] is a Corporation,
    and you are not a Corporation, you are a Private Living Man. You are an Authorized Agent of your [Public title-name] or strawman!


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