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  1. The boycott is a great idea. I was planning to remove my TV because of th vulgarity. I am paying $50. a month to watch commercials, shocking comedy shows, TEA POTS, and CRACK POTS. I feel like peeping around the TV screen to see if it is X-Rated before I look. They should send me money to watch.

  2. I think a boycott in any terms does not accomplish much, what happens is that only the people that are offended by the system, turn off the system, and those that are the “They”, will continue to watch and continue to view the information that has been corrupted by people who are, in your words, indoctrinating the general public. I found your article interesting and I can see the passion in the words, but, I believe by just turning off the TV and boycotting it just plays into the hands of the people indoctrinating. To me it just seems that your solution is to ignore “Them” and they will go away, when historically this has been proven wrong. These people don’t care if you stop watching, because, for the most part, you are not the audience they are trying to reach anyway. The problem that exists is something that has been innate in our system since the creation of this country. Our governments has always had power over the people and that even our first constitution “BNA Act” clearly states that we, as Canadians, have always been subservient to a foreign state and collectivism, as illustrated in the Act “And whereas such a Union would conduce to the Welfare of the Provinces and PROMOTE THE INTERESTS OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE”. Our loyalty was to a Queen, not to our Country or Canadians as a people, or a Nation. So it is easy to understand when our own official Constitution Act in 1982 came out, which gave us freedoms, it, in itself created by a government that was already well entrenched into the Canadian society, it was implemented without fanfare or disruption to old system of Government, which was what was intended by the government.

    As indicated above, I only believe a boycott, or inaction, does not serve to change anything. What is needed is action, and that action has to come from within the system, the very system you want to boycott, not outside it. Instead of ignoring what we see on TV we need to take more aggressive action in providing a different perspective to the people, and by doing this, it does not help this cause by ignoring the opposition and hoping they will be effected inaction or us ignoring them (its worked well in our history with other oppressive governments – Hitler and Stalin in recent history – not to say our country has reached this state), but by representing our own arguments in a calm and constructive format within the system. I believe most people believe in liberty and would like to have more control over their own destiny, but like most of us, they have been in the system for so long that radical and aggressive expressions cause resistance and even fear.

    It is not something that is going to happen overnight, it is not something that is going come without people being committed to the fight. We do not have to use the force of power (which the establish controls anyway), but by the means provided by the system to peaceably fight for our liberty. In our own Constitution which are “founded upon the principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law… Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: (a) freedom of conscience and religion, (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other means of communication, (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and (d) freedom of association. From these can be a stepping stone to gaining the freedoms, we have them, let us use them.

    With enough people, having the same goal, changes can be made, but, it is only my opinion, these things cannot be changed by turning off the TV, and by not challenging there words, but by finding the like minded Canadians, turning on the light of Liberty, and pushing forward the fight in Canada!! I have sat on the sidelines too long myself and have decided to now start taking on the task personally instead of waiting for someone else to do it for me.

    • Thanks for all the comments.
      To be clear about the boycott TV idea, it’s not inaction, because it means cancelling cable or satellite subscription, at least temporarily. If you wanted to change something on TV, for example, there was some news propaganda, this would be a way to apply pressure. The fact that you may not get many others to agree with you is no big news to me – but it’s a start to show others how serious you are about your beliefs. Inaction – or inertia – would be leaving the TV service plugged in – “business” or lack of business as usual. For other types of strategies, this action would benefit you completely, because it would free up your mind, lots and lots of your time and your family’s time, and your energy, because freedom activists would need lots of time and energy to try other peaceful strategies. I’ve tried the political system myself as a candidate. There are drawbacks. There is always lack of agreement when it comes to groups. People should try whatever works for them. I think Catherine Austin Fitz was saying in an interview that freedom activists should do what gives them energy. TV drains people of their will. They are “asleep” so to speak and they need to wake up.

  3. i think its a great idea i dont like tv that much and im only 11 year old girl in middle school. thank you very much.

  4. A media boycott has positive personal results. I myself am finding that truth and media are coincidental at best. This corruption affects much more than our attitudes of a people we’ve never met. It is a poison to our personal relationships. I myself ended a decade long subscription with Dish Network not because their service was bad, but rather their programming was. When we are taught to hate a people, this hatred propagates into our personal lives, breeding apathy towards each other, and allows us to be used to hate others and justify wars.

    As for Canada’s involvement in the Libya air strikes against the civilian population. I salute you in not firing a shot. You properly recognized that there were no military targets, and acted in good conscience. I pray that there is a conscience in each and every one of our own military when they come home and realize American citizens will be the next targets.

  5. Excellent initiative! This is when democracy flourishes: when people come together and unite for a common cause, rather than passively allow themselves to be molded and controlled (which is so often the case in these times). TV is mostly garbage, trash, filth, and should be boycotted by intelligent, sensitive beings. Please, let’s do this.

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