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Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms – This IS the LAW and it is being broken — 1 Comment

  1. The globalist vermin is in Davos this week to try to remove our rights further.

    I think commentators (of real news) are just too soft about the vermin gathering in Davos every year to further their totalitarian agenda and the destruction of our lives.

    We have there mass murderers like albert.bourla@pfizer.com (pfizer) and sbancel@moderna.com (moderna), Gates and Chinese puppet WHO tedros ghebreyesust@who.int (accused of crimes vs humanity in hi country) the directors of Mi6 and CIA, war criminals like NATO Jens Stoltenberg, not counting all the scumbags in government who are committing high treason by going there to take their next roadmap against their constituents.

    And by the way committing fraud as they use taxpayer money to fund a trip to a private organization.

    We are not talking about creeps here but a mafia, a global criminal syndicate, people who have millions of deaths on their consciences.

    As for Davos town who welcome these criminals every year, it is time to expose them for what they are: partners in crime.

    . . .

    Ps: we don’t forget all the presstitutes helping the davos mafia

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