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Concerns about H1N1 Flu Vaccine — 2 Comments

  1. Texashealth.org is requiring the employees take the flu vaccine, and if you wish to opt out for religious reasons they want a signature of your pastor, and his address as well as his telephone information. It is my understanding that during an interview an employer cannot ask you what religion you are, yet they can ask you after your employed, and demand the leaders address and phone number? How is this legal?

  2. It might be a regular part of following a waiver procedure depending on your state, there may be different types of exemptions involved. Yes it sounds like a privacy invasion, maybe there are people who have advice about that (see below). At least there seems to be a procedure to get out of it, and the more health care workers who know about it, the easier it would be to put more pressure on the system to change it.

    Seems that health care workers are the first people to be pressured about this. There’s a tyranny by stealth that’s growing and the governments may push it even even further this year and next, so I feel a lot of sympathy for people in this situation.
    Maybe we will all be in this situation one way or another and we need to stand together and show solidarity and support in these times.

    There are plenty of news stories like this from 2009 where health care workers actively protest mandatory vaccinations: http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/2009-09-29-swine-flu-mandatory_N.htm

    Basically the people in control of the U.S. and other nations don’t believe in individual rights and constitutional rights. Those types of laws have been deliberately subverted by stealth for decades and decades by the ruling elites. Things would be much worse if people hadn’t stood up against them in the past.

    I’ve heard about the waiver forms that are available in most U.S. states , apparently there are different types of exemptions depending on the state. I’ve seen a waiver form for the education system in Ontario for school children. Not sure about health care workers. (Google “Ontario government vaccines exemptions” for info)

    Sherri Tenpenny and others online have practical information about this: Book: Saying No to Vaccines

    Website: http://drtenpenny.com

    As far as legal help and reform in the U.S., there is this organization, maybe it’s helpful: http://www.halt.org/about_halt/

    Philosophically we need to assert ownership over our bodies and lives, and exercise personal choice about our reasons and legitimate concerns about not taking something. How do we know what’s in it? Does the person giving us the injection know what’s in it? Did he test it to verify? Do we know there are certain things in the vaccine that could be harmful based on our best available information and what side effects those ingredients have (the vaccine insert has a lot of information)? Are there certain ingredients in a specific vaccine we object to such as fetal cells? There are a lot of common ingredients in different vaccines that raise serious concerns for me. I found Dr. Tenpenny’s book very helpful with these details.

    We need to make judgments for ourselves and not just trust “authorities”. There are so many things the “authorities” do every minute of every day that I totally disagree with, in their wars, and torture (“rendition”), population control, and trillions in banking bailouts. Constant propaganda. Our pro-human, pro-freedom pro-rights beliefs have nothing in common with whatever they’re doing. The good people in government and the system should stop going along with the general trend.

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