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Corporate overlords planning your future in Toronto — 2 Comments

  1. Canadians should see that taxes are only half of the story on how government people pay for their “G20” lifestyles. The other half is through central banking and the printing of monkey money. The assets of governments’ central banks are growing (by assets, you must understand junk debt) and the amount of money really created is even larger as the central banks allow for all kinds of leverage to their members (the major banks of course).

    I would not demonstrate in the streets of Toronto because I have too much respect for private property and liberty of freedom to demonstrate that way. Actually, I cannot stand those who take control of the streets just because they want more government. I don’t want to be mixed up with pro-government demonstrators. I am actually wondering if the “Black” Anarchists are really anarchists; do they really believe that a government-free society would thrive or do they, like Harper and Obama, believe that without government society breaks down? To many so-called anarchists, anarchy is the way to topple governments they don’t like; to them anarchy is not their ideal. Many communists believe(d) in violence as a way to bring about anarchy, out of which a communist government will emerge. To them violence is the better way (versus election) to have the final political say.

    I am not sure I’d rather be managed by the current “political leaders” or by those that would represent the demonstrative crowds today in the streets of Toronto.

    If I had to protest today, I think I would go to Ottawa and protest in front of the Banque of Canada. Hopefully, we would not be too numerous as to not prevent pedestrians from walking the sidewalks. Maybe, make sure there is always a sign to explain what’s really going on inside that government institution.

    Government is a criminal organization and those demonstrators in the streets are no better than the ObaBush of the world.

    • Speaking of some of the peaceful ones for a second, we know many of the “Green” “protesters” are funded by the international bankers, and are just asking for what the monopolists and bureaucrats want to push anyway, which is more control over every human activity on the planet. BP is one of the international corporations that pushes the Green agenda. International corporations and extremist environmentalists subvert legitimate issues.

      The violent “anarchists” http://watch.ctv.ca/news/latest/the-mayhem/#clip318869 like these creeps breaking windows and tearing up Yonge Street (and the police aren’t there to stop them) – some of them are likely to be funded by the system also, in order to discredit all protesters.

      It’s easier for average people to just be angry at all protesters, including harmless non-violent protesters, and scapegoat them rather than criticize the monstrous system that oppresses all of us, that stole over 1 billion dollars just to pay for “security” that can’t even protect stores from a few freaks. (And they also escalate the monetary scam you’re talking about).

      The system uses all “sides”. Groups – left and right – are just tools used by these guys so that ordinary citizens can scapegoat each other – and be divided – so that attention is diverted from the powerful groups who are busily carrying out their international policies of wonderful sounding “Millenium Development Goals” etc, which are total power grabs.



      All that some of the politicians do is provide a tiny token amount of resistance – usually not genuine – to the agenda pushed by powerful bureaucratic and corporate interests. We know that Clinton and Canadian globalist bureaucrats and NGO’s were all over Harper just because he wouldn’t fund foreign abortions as part of their population management agenda (dressed up as “maternal health” and “Millenium Development”). http://www.arcc-cdac.ca/action/ACPD-calltoaction-v2.pdf They’ve already laid out the agenda for the future and they hate it when someone diverts from it slightly, seemingly because he was trying to represent the interests of many Canadians.

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