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Flu vaccine: Polysorbate 80 and infertility study — 2 Comments

  1. My Daughter is starting a two year program in Radiology and the hospital is requiring she take a flu shot. She does not want to take flu shots. At age 23 she is already in premenopause so her chances of having children are greatly reduced do you have any medical studies that would support the statement that Flu shots have been found to reduce chances of getting prenant.
    Thank you for any help you can give us.
    God Bless

  2. I don’t have info to answer your specific question. I think people should be very concerned about the effects of vaccines, including the flu shot, on issues like fertility, and health in general. I would be very concerned about adjuvants which is a subject you can research.

    On this site, I’ve linked to the inserts for one or two different H1N1 flu products. These documents are supplied for every drug, and they would show related information about different kinds of adverse effects. They’re much more detailed than the short pages if info handed out. One of the side effects listed and documented in the actual inserts (you can get them online at different sites or for from a pharmacist) is paralysis, or Guillaume Barre Syndrome, and similar neurological disorders. It’s a known fact that h1n1 flu shots can cause this, but it’s actually spelled out in the document supplied with the product. On the site, I’ve linked to the VAERS database, which you can also locate and check through the adverse effects reported by some users.

    As far as vaccines in general and infertility/pregnancy, probably you should watch this video by Clint Richardson: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hITYIT02rA Lethal Injection: The Story of Vaccination.

    A lot of people will continue to believe that vaccines are well-intended and won’t really want to understand their real purpose. But if people look into the facts, it just gets worse and worse – but we’re trained to make excuses and just accept “mistakes”. Eventually some may figure out that they’re living in an authoritarian system that does what it wants to the “herd”.

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