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H. G. Wells “The Open Conspiracy”, Part 15 — 2 Comments

  1. I have always thought of Orwell as a socialist, that is fundamentally opposed to private property and in favor of good government. That’s why I have always thought that his attacks on authoritarianism were to be ignored since what he really believes in leads naturally to what he denounces.
    Do you think that I should change my views on George Orwell?

    • Yes, I think you can take what’s good from people like Orwell and appreciate that when they try to do the right thing and expose the truth. There are misguided people, and then there are malevolent power hungry people and I think he had had enough of that kind in his life. I remember the tyrants in his book 1984 were called IngSoc which stood for English Socialism. I am trying to put across the evidence that the elites – the aristocracy who ran big business, finance and government – used Fabians to infiltrate and influence the direction of mass movements and society. All this manipulation of both sides in conflicts, I am learning, is the reality that most people are indoctrinated to not perceive. He was able to see it when he was involved in the Spanish Civil War. Intelligence agencies are also used for controlling and guiding society. I look at Blair, or Brown, or Obama and others on the right also like Gingrich, and I just see agents. Also, I have Norman Dodd’s youtube interview on the site where he explains the shocking role of the big foundations.

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