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    • Are you insane? Because you’re the one accepting something that might be imposed indefinitely–and we have never been made to do this before in history. So I think everyone who just accepts this is insane.

      Do you believe all the nonsense the government and media repeat to you?

      So here’s your chance anyway to present some coherent arguments and facts to justify your position–whatever it is.

      Otherwise it’s just insulting and I’ll delete it.

      • This is disgusting – we’ve seen countless deaths already of people attending these COVID parties. You’re a sick monster for promoting something like this and if you get people sick you’ll have to live with those consequences for the rest of your life.

        • We have been attending protests since this began and never social distances as a matter of fact hugs over masks has begun from it also as we all hug each other! Not one person sick theory was theory reality is it was no more dangerous than the flu and you allowed them to destroy the economy and the future by being an ostrich.

      • This is so stupid. Risking everyone’s health everyone should be charged that attends

      • You think wearing a mask sucks
        Try a ventilator on see how you like that
        You guys are the ones creating the problems If you spent half as much energy improving things instead of butchibg and concerning yourselves about only you imagine what you might accomplish.

        • Accomplish what if everyone is kept in their homes and isolated from each other and not allowed to gather? Nobody is presenting any facts or arguments for your beliefs. Just repeating sound bites from the media. It’s fear fear fear.

          We are going to insist on the Charter.

          Too many people have just let the Charter of Rights and Freedoms be trashed by these governments.

          How do you IMPROVE on that if it’s being ignored?

          Most of the public are very confused. They have been lied to for months so it’s understandable but disappointing.

          Most of the “cases” are positive test cases–whatever the test is–they’re not even sick or have mild symptoms. Remember having a cold? It’s a con. They are trying to change our entire way of life.

          The problems are created by people obeying these immoral unjustified unscientific oppressive orders and not questioning authority. Everyone’s problems are created by going along.

          All of these measures:

          Spying – contact tracing is spying and informing and surveillance
          Masks – goes along with censorship and forbidding large gatherings – freedom of assembly etc.
          Experimental vaccines being rushed – vaccines always have side effects and these are a new kind altogether that alters cells.
          Threats to make them mandatory.
          Immunity passports to do anything, go anywhere -that’s threatened too.

          It’s a new system hiding behind a virus story and using deaths that happen anyway with people who are elderly and immune-compromised-from this virus or otherwise and calling it a COVID death. That’s what has happened. I posted the pdf in these comments several times.

          And we’re not going along with it. A lot of people aren’t? Why are you?

          • Covid is real..sneak across the border and come on down here to the States but take note that we may not have a ventilator available in case you need one, hell we have to make our own masks still! – a nurse in the US

          • The problem with people like you is that no matter any fact is presented to you, you will always challenge it, and there is nothing bad with challenging statistics or trying to make sure things are correct, but you don’t do that, you follow anybody that thinks like you. In this case, you are even risking your kid’s health just trying to prove you are right,I hope you are not faced with a lot of death in your immediate family due to this craziness. YOu are not smart you are just stupid.

          • People die anyway–in my family & every family. I provided the statistics. Read the links for 2008 – top 3 causes of death. Hundreds of people in Canada dying every day – cancer being number one. It’s very similar for 2019. The death numbers are the same. Nobody’s reading the links. They shift the deaths over to COVID-19. That’s all.

          • how are they stopping gathers? I’ve seen Niagara Falls packed with ppl! I’ve seen downtown street shut down and packed with patios that spill onto the street! Then there are idiots like you gather in huge groups! Hows is this preventing you from gathering when ur still doing it?? How many rallies have they rushed into and shut down on you?? Buy a mirror, look into it and you’ll see the problem! I bet you got no problem cashing ur CERB cheque though

          • Niagara Falls was packed with people? Wow. I notice that plenty of people were out and about last week. Do you see a lot of people getting very sick? The economy was shut down. Read the links and learn.

      • Yes, yes we have been made to do this before, during the Spanish Flu Pandemic. They even began finingboeople for spitting in public or to many kids playing together. You can look up the term Mask Slacker from that period. Please actually know your history or be willing to read up.

        Here’s just a smidgeon Please work from here or just admit “I dont care about facts and only want to push my debunked theory.” We have been made to wear maks, UsmS and Canafa, true there were idiots then too, but the local governments weren’t as scared of cracking heads…


      • During the Spanish Influenza citizens were encouraged to wear masks. There were even advertisements promoting it. So although not mandated the use of masks to combat viruses is a practice that has been used.

      • It finally happened to me today, I knew it would eventually, but I was ready. I came out of Walmart with my mask on and keeping six feet distance to everyone, pushed my cart to my car, all the while wearing my mask. A woman was getting out of her car next to me with no mask. As I’m putting groceries into my car she says, “Let me guess – you’re a sheeple. Cause that mask ain’t gonna do anything for you except make you look stupid .” In anticipation of this happening, because I figured it might someday, I already had a response ready. I said “No I’m not. Look, I woke up with a temperature of 102 this morning (I didn’t) plus I work around hundreds of people in close quarters (I don’t) so this is for your protection, not mine. How about I take it off and we hug like old friends?” I stepped toward her and acted as if I was taking off my mask. She stepped back away from me and went across to the next row of cars. I followed her, she kept walking away, I chased her, she ran… …

        She fell down. I grabbed her foot. I pulled on her leg, just as I’m pulling yours now.

        If you don’t want to wear a mask, stay home…otherwise face the law or the vigilantes!

        • Thankyou. I now know exactly what I’m going to say if someone approaches me while I am wearing my mask.

        • Oh my goodness I never laughed so hard .. I’m going to have to remember to do this if I come across these delusional people … thanks for making my day 😀

          • Read the links provided. Most of the public seem to be deluded. The “cases” are due to more tests. The governments have been testing people instead of treating sick people.

      • This is the challenge of living in a democratic society. Unfortunately, some folks cannot balance free choice and following emergency protocols. Hence, putting the sum (majority) above its parts (you). We are also encouraged to wear clothing in public, even if not agreeing, but we let go of the ego and do our part to strengthen the whole. Seriously, we live in a great country with socio-medical advantages (free testing for all) that even our wealthy neighbour will not entertain, simply allowing their poor to get more (virus). Who cares, wear a decorative mask, like clothing, and when its time, take it off and be even more free, particularly from the guilt of potentially harming others. If you need a fight in your life, it may be more productive to reduce the expanding gap between rich and poor. 🤔

        • You believe in Canada? Good. Then don’t let them trash our way of life, our rights and freedoms, our checks and balances. https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/Const/page-15.html What are we fighting for? I explained in many of the links provided. The WEF declared a Great Reset – a new way of life for the world. New controlled way of life. New unbearable way of life. In the meantime the economy has been shattered. The food supply is threatened. The hospitals were half empty – CTV News – I provided the link above. Prisoners were let out of jail. They are mandating physical distancing which we’ve never seen before. Social isolation – people isolated from family, friends, prevented from starting new relationships, prevented from attending Church. And they are threatening to impose experimental “vaccines” and immunity passports. And you are OK with all this? Why do you want to give up on our great country and leave the past behind? Why?

      • -Seatbelts
        -Driver’s Licenses
        -No Smoking Indoors in Public Areas
        -Gun Laws
        These are just a handful of laws that the government have created to ensure public safety. Your SELFISH actions are disgusting. You have a complete disregard for human life.

        • Nothing selfish about my actions. People are too lazy to question when they see contradictions, when they’re being abused. Too much disgust going around for human beings. That’s why they legalized euthanasia because they know people hate themselves and each other. People who care stand up to evil and corruption.

      • You sound just as insane as the government you claim is trying to control us. We’ve never been made to do this in history because there was never a chance! If they had PPE and technology we have today 100 years ago when pandemics like this broke out there would have been a hell of a lot less deaths!! Accepting this makes us insane, why, cuz on the off chance this is 100% we might save our own life or someone we love? You don’t have to believe everything media or gvmnt says but don’t f**k with your health whether its true or not. Can you tell us how exactly wearing a mask is controlling us? They’re not asking to microchip you! Besides if they did your foil hat would block the signal

        • Well, there’s another example. Nobody ever forced me to take a microchip before. Maybe you’re willing to take one. That’s what Gates was talking about on television over and over-one way or another. Or else it will be a badge or bracelet like Dr. Tam mentioned in her 2010 documentary appearance. Tracking and traced. Remember the dictatorships of Eastern Europe. They went on for years. And just in response to the other commenter’s remarks about the past – they lined young men up in front of machine gun fire and they were mowed down – thousands of them. So same sorts run things now – it’s just they have more of a grip on peoples’ minds. Yes, I recommend people try to do what’s right in answer to the other comment. Try it.

  1. Yes anonymous they are insane. Apparently also blessed with a lack of brain cells. I hope I’m not one of those you will spread to later. For sure I’m not one you will spread to tomorrow as I won’t be there to be infected.

    • Can I come to the party too? I do have Covid-19 but do not have any symptoms. I think I will be just fine with not wearing a mask

      • Positive test case with no symptoms – noted. That must be most of the positive tests. There are a lot of people sick with all sorts of illnesses that are very serious. I referred to the death stats. I’m not accepting this new way of life being imposed on all of us. I know it’s wrong. Yesterday we weren’t wearing masks. Now we are. Because we’re told to. I provided a link that explains why they are not scientifically valid. When I wore masks everyday at work in the food industry we were expected to throw them out and you could never talk through them properly and people will have trouble breathing with them especially some people – oh anybody who is working hard at all or trying to do anything physical. But how far are we all going to go? As far as they push us? It’s a new system. In response to the other commenter talking about climate change, this is the oligarchy’s way of bringing in the same agenda–read up on it at the World Economic Forum. Sustainable Development Goals.

        • Are you honestly arguing that 98% of the world’s scientists are lying about climate change to dupe the world into following “the oligarchy’s agenda”? This is just mind-numbing stupidity. You are denying scientific evidence and grasping at weak conspiracy theories because you think reality should conform to your narrow ideology. The world doesn’t work that way. Look at all the people in the US who are discovering that right now, with their Covid parties, rushed re-openings, and other idiocy. And stay tuned for the reality check that is coming with climate change. You are calling for people to “grow up” when you are the one that is behaving like a self-centered child and denying reality.

          • Present the scientific evidence. I never saw it and neither did you. Yes, it’s in the Club of Rome’s book “First Global Revolution” and page 115. They decided that they needed problems to unite humanity and they decided to make humanity the bad guy in order to create a world government in other words. I quote that on my website. They included global warming and pollution etc. So if anyone disgrees on that topic, fine, but it’s connected to the type of system we’re getting into. Present the scientific evidence any time you like. All sorts of dogma. And it’s just not true about the number of scientists. Plenty disagree. The number one reality we’re dealing with right now is a shut-down economy, being forced to wear masks, being kept at home, being isolated, being bombarded with contradictory baseless information and policies that were made up out of nowhere that violate our Charter of Rights and Freedoms which nobody seems to care about anymore? That’s what matters. So people need to stop being self-centered. Think about carbon tax while the economy is shut down and apply that to fuel costs. How is anyone going to stay warm? People are going to be forced into submission. I provided on this page on this topic about the World Economic Forum – why dont you ask them to justify their policies which they’re going to force on us. History shows that gangsters take over. Stand up for what’s right.

  2. It’s not a “party” at all. It’s a serious information sharing session about challenging the tyrannical system that’s being built up around us as we speak. It’s not about spreading illness around.

    You had no answer for my point that we never had to wear masks before in history. Nobody ever dared to push these measures on us before. These social distancing & mask measures are unscientific, unprecedented abuses.

    You did not present any coherent facts. You talk about “countless deaths” from particular events. Why don’t you back it up with some media reports or whatever – facts and arguments to justify slapping masks on people for example. I assume you’re talking about masks.

    As to being outdoors, haven’t you seen people outdoors before milling around? Last week? What do you think is happening the last few months? People want to get back to normal life in the summer and stop with this charade. Flu season is over. The same large numbers of people are dying every day from cancer and circulatory problems etc. Every day. And the economy is dead in the water. And what kind of future do we have? And you think we’re all just going along with these mask laws? People can’t function wearing these masks.

    They are imposing a global dictatorship. I’m not the one who is insane.

    If you need more information, try reading this – please –

    We know it’s a fact that the COVID death numbers are based on the deaths that are happening anyway that used to be attributed to flu or pneumonia, etc. or even cancer. I have plenty of information about it here and you can look it up in this document and elsewhere.

    Read the legal claim. It’s long.

    People don’t agree with you. The media is just poisoning people. This is a new system being imposed on us. Look up the Great Reset at the World Economic Forum.

    • Not a party? Let’s see… Per the event’s poster : Kids activities, free drinks, potluck, hugs!! It IS a party. Filled with ignorant, self-centred and entitled people that are CLEARLY not Canadian. Because Canadians care for one another and are educated enough to know that science is real. Get a grip, you are not good people, you are not educated and you are not welcome outside of your ignorance filled bubble.

      • The event is to inform people who have been deluded and lied to by a sophisticated system of propaganda. People who are informed share information with others. We care about peoples’ way of life, their health and happiness and everything else. We want to have a future that’s worth living in. It’s not me who is deluded. I provided the links explaining what is happening. There is a new oppressive way of life being imposed on all of us.

  3. I do not believe that Canadians are behind this nonsense. This must be an example of the hoax postings by those wishing to create havoc.

  4. The masks are unhealthy and there is no scientific reasoning behind them for stopping the spread of any virus. Would you like to justify the opposite. Please be my guest. Present some arguments or links. That’s how civilized society operates. We use reasoning and words to try to persuade people and we listen to what they have to say also, etc. So any substance – please go ahead. Some of us are concerned about everyone’s rights and freedoms. That means not being abused. All of these measures are abuse. Read the legal claim for an outline of the whole thing and learn.

  5. Hey, Alan, here’s a couple of things to consider. Seems to me that if you’re so concerned with reclaiming individual rights, then wearing a mask should be something that you’re in favour of! Masks screw up facial recognition! Think about it! You’d be reclaiming your privacy and your anonymity!

    Secondly, and this is my main point, what if you are completely wrong with your beliefs about Covid-19? Are you prepared to face the legal consequences if someone, because of your urging, gets sick or worse still, dies? Then there is the moral weight that death carries. Again, I ask you, are you prepared for the idea that someone may get sick and die because of these gatherings that you are organizing?
    I believe that until you have 100% of the facts, you sir, are acting in an ignorant and irresponsible fashion. It’s still not too late to call it off!!

  6. I wonder how long it will take before someone brings a lawsuit against you for reckless endangerment of lives? Or for spreading dangerous misinformation to the public? You people make me sick. Risking the lives of the elderly, immune compromised and frail people because of your perceived rights infringement? You should move to the US, where the government is concerned more about business loss than people loss. You should move to China, where you have no freedoms. Then maybe you’d appreciate all the rights and freedoms you have here, and that we have a universal health care system and a government that cares about the health of our nation. Put on your masks and quit being so selfish. Or move to the US. Good riddance.

  7. Thanks for the historical perspective. I had only heard a bit about that. History has been very abusive to ordinary people however, and that included the world wars and human experimentation also by the way that has happened after World War II also. We’ve had flu around every year and some people are vulnerable to illness every year especially in colder temperatures and if they have other illnesses (there are a lot of health problems on top of the fact that people get older).

    But we have never had anyone try to do anything like this in our lifetimes or earlier on this scale and with people so submissive to it. Keeping people in their homes while their businesses are shut down and letting them become unemployed and telling them who they can meet with etc. – and shutting down church services and restricting them – this is a whole new level, and it’s global.

    When people find that they have very little income or the money isn’t worth it or they’re forced to take an immunity passport and they react badly to it, then if they can’t afford the fuel costs, then the real hardship kicks in and maybe more people will understand that this is planned operation. You’ll be told to live where they want you to live. You’ll eat what they want you to eat. You’ll have children if they allow it. This is “austerity”. This is “sustainable”. Everything is meant to be monitored and surveilled – energy credits, behavior credits. A whole different way of life.

    You just have to go to the World Economic Forum’s website https://www.weforum.org/great-reset and they have the solutions all worked out for us–of a controlled society–the head of it wrote the 4th Industrial Revolution in 2017 (https://www.amazon.com/Fourth-Industrial-Revolution-Klaus-Schwab/dp/1524758868) before COVID-19 was announced. So they’re talking about a completely controlled world where there are no rights & freedoms as we know it–they sell it as more fair etc. It’s not us deciding for ourselves. Btw there are at least two Canadian officials who are Trustees of the WEF which you can look up on their site to see who they are.

    That’s what everyone is submitting to when they choose to believe in COVID. Sorry for the bad news. If you want a track record of criminality-and control over institutions–I put together some info about the damage done to people by the Gates Foundation here: https://canadianliberty.com/credibility-and-human-rights-implications-of-covid-19-policies-who-director-general-and-ethiopia-gates-foundation-vaccine-history/

    And for a fuller picture read the legal claim and presentations – one of the claimants is an expert on face masks: https://vaccinechoicecanada.com/wp-content/uploads/vcc-statement-of-claim-2020-redacted.pdf

    And you can look through this article to get an idea of what they were up to with care homes: https://off-guardian.org/2020/05/26/were-conditions-for-high-death-rates-at-care-homes-created-on-purpose/ (this article has the WHO document which explains the death certificate instructions)

    And I notice people go on about ventilators – but it’s not a proper treatment for anyone, it’s totally unnecessary – they can treat anybody if they want to and do it properly – they were using that to scare people – because if you’re put on one of those over a certain age the odds are you won’t live (you can look that up).

    They also deliberately put out a lot of stories at the beginning saying they would have to ration treatments and maybe the elderly wouldn’t get the treatment. And it’s a fact that Canadian hospitals were half empty – people weren’t coming in- CTV News story.

    They also let prisoners out – including violent ones – they wouldn’t jail them in many cases – Global News.

    You will see reports that billionaires became wealthier – the rich got richer. That’s part of it.

    When you talk about people dying, these are the official death statistics for Canada in 2008: top leading causes of death. You’ll notice the huge numbers of deaths that must be occurring every day. You should compare them to the numbers you are hearing reported for just the one illness:
    Top 3 causes of death in 2008 in Canada:
    1. Cancer 71,948
    2. Circulatory system diseases 69,945
    3. Respiratory system diseases 20,728

    So they’re using the fact that people die to scare and confuse people – they direct doctors to put COVID-19 on the death certificate as the underlying cause when it seems plausible. That’s what they have been doing and it creates a category that keeps climbing because they keep testing with their dubious tests–which means what “test positive” – so they die with the virus–but it doesn’t mean they died from it–they could have underlying serious conditions. That’s what’s going on.

    It’s to sell you dictatorship.

    I already know enough to be certain it’s a fraud.

    I feel bad that so many people are going along with all of it. I can see we are headed to a bad place. Best of luck to everyone figuring it out and taking positive steps to remedy the situation like some of us are doing.

  8. I notice the responses get authoritarian & threatening. I think the anger is understandable considering what has been done to us. You really think if you bow to every thing with 100% compliance that they’re going to set things right? I explained what’s happening above – it’s a new global system they’re pushing on us. Don’t go along with it.

    Long article on masks with information by scientist who studied them: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/07/19/are-face-masks-effective.aspx

    Facts don’t matter? Lack of evidence for these bogus positions doesn’t matter?

    • I have to enter my email to read the article. Nice! Who is trying to infringe my privacy, get my information, ‘contact trace’, breach my civil liberties now? Guess they want my email so they can bomabard me with more misinformation. If these are such important facts, why are they not shared freely????

      • Maybe I’ll change that setting. You can put a stub email in there if you like. Why do you put “contact tracing” in quotes? It’s good you heard about that. Thanks for bringing up the topic of tracking and tracing and betraying private information about friends, family and neighbors, something we don’t want to do. It is too much like Stasi East Germany. Don’t want that, right? And some of us put a lot of effort into sharing information but the mainstream media doesn’t allow it to get through – especially the last 5 months with our “new normal”

  9. So if we both don’t have pants on and I pee you will get pee on your legs, if I don’t have pants on put you do and I pee you will still get pee on you, if we both have pants on and I pee you will not get per on you….put on a mask, shut up and enjoy our beautiful piece full country.

  10. Wow. Darwin at work. Sad given the number of people who will die as a result of these “gatherings” and who want nothing to do with this level of ignorance.

  11. “Top 3 causes of death in 2008 in Canada:
    1. Cancer 71,948
    2. Circulatory system diseases 69,945
    3. Respiratory system diseases 20,728”

    You know why Covid deaths were kept down as much as they were?

    Not because it was overblown, you stunted turnip, but because people like me, unlike you and your type, did was what bloody necessary. We stayed home. We wore/wear masks when in public.

    Newsflash you ignorant wretch, YOUR freedom and liberty, and that of those like you, ceases to to exist when it infringes on the health and safety of me, others, and the general public.

    Freedom and liberty carry a responsibility to your fellow citizens to ensure we ALL remain safe. It is not a free for all.

    But as you and your ilk are showing, by holding events such as this, you don’t give two shits about anyone else but your own selfish “needs” and “desires”. Your proof is by a one off here and there which means it is not proof.

    I truly hope no one contracts this virus from your events because if they do, IF they die, that death is on YOUR Hands and no one else for perpetuating this ignorance and ridiculousness.

  12. Try reading the links I provided. Learn something about reality and facts. Responsibility is about standing up for what’s truth and for what’s right – and that includes holding on to sanity. Holding on to the concept of rights and due process etc. – explicitly aid out in the Charter which some of you have never heard of – IS about PROTECTING people!! That’s what motivates us. You’ve been lied to systematically. All of us have.

  13. I am a 56 year old woman with a compromised auto-immune system.

    My mother means everything to me. She is 81 with a chronic lung condition.

    I only have one sister. She is 58 and has had part of her lung removed to cancer.

    My only daughter is the love of my life. She is 32, is a hair stylist and is exposed daily to people like YOU who are so incredibly selfish that they can’t be slightly inconvenienced.


  14. How arcane is this? The virus doesn’t care what you think. Purposely endangering other people’s health is pretty damn selfish. No one wants to wear masks but having events like this will just prolong this. How many examples of public assembly do you need of people catching this thing do you need to hear about.

  15. I explained above what the reality is about what is happening and what is being done to us. No, it’s not about spreading a virus. People have been lied to systematically. This information is to help people. It’s for the best. Read through the links I provided above. I think those cover the points everyone has raised so far. Fear is used to manipulate people. I’m putting out this information because I know some people will learn from it and understand. Others are brainwashed by the TV. As I mentioned I think above, there were many abusive experiments done to people – including many Canadians – with MKULTRA. This is an historical fact. So the type of people who did that – they’re the ones still in charge. The CBC made a documentary years ago on Ewen Cameron, psychiatrist at McGill. We’re just continuing history of being abused.

  16. I am a 56 year old woman with a compromised immune system.
    My mother means everything to me. She is 81 with a chronic lung condition.
    I only have one sister. She is 58 and has had part of her lung removed to cancer.
    I have one child who is the love of my life. She is a hair stylist and is exposed daily to people like YOU who are so incredibly selfish that they can’t even be slightly inconvenienced.


  17. Hi Alan;

    I have a question. I’ve read through your literature.

    I am working closely with someone who also believe this to be a politically-motivated scare. It’s hard to understand but I am trying.

    But, what if you are wrong? I am not saying your are: I am saying what if?

    If people who promote masks and distancing are wrong: the numbers and the public will see that over time and we will be both permitted and motivated to go back to normal.

    But even if it’s a .02% change you are wrong-what if? I have never ever been so confident in my beliefs. Like; if I believed I could fly, that’s my choice to jump off a cliff, but I would never encourage someone else to (even if I’m 99.9999999% sure) I because what if I’m wrong?

  18. We can’t allow mandatory “vaccines” by the way. That’s another issue. I provided that post with the reality about the history of the Gates Foundation and the damage done in the world from their experimental vaccines. The media doesn’t tell you about that.

    Abuse. Destructive damaging policies. This is what we’re dealing with.

  19. Hi Hannah, about certainty again, I guess that is where we can see the effects of the propaganda- news and entertainment confuses us – just read through the comments above and you’ll get my answer to that. Also I will add this:

    Aldous Huxley Brave New World Revisited:

    Those who spend their time in the “irrelevant other worlds of sport and soap opera, of mythology and metaphysical fantasy, will find it hard to resist” those who manipulate society (p. 36).

    Modern dictators use propaganda that relies on “repetition” of slogans, “suppression” of facts, and “rationalization” of aroused “passions,” used to serve the State (p. 36).

    And you can also get a copy of “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays, short book.

    I’m posting all this for the benefit of people who want to know. I mentioned the abusive psychiatric experiments in the States and Canada just a few decades ago that we know about. That’s how things are.

    OK, another answer to the question, another link I should post is this: people should go through this information. You’ll notice the reaction by Joel Kettner – go through what he said on the CBC Radio program. That was his response to how governments reacted in March – he was chief public health officer for Manitoba. And he didn’t see how it was justified. That’s a start. Then there is the rest of the info presented.

    12 experts (including Joel Kettner etc.)

    Thank you for reading everybody. Maybe we can save some kind of future from this mess if we stop believing everything we hear from “authorities”. It’s up to you.

  20. Anyone who attends this “information meeting” should be denied treatment or at least be the very last to receive it, if they do, heaven forbid get Covid. This is just selfish and dangerous.

    • Treatment for cancer? Diabetes? etc. Treatment for people who are actually getting sick yo umean. The hospitals were half empty with people terrified to go to hospitals – read it here: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/all-of-our-rooms-are-empty-hospital-ers-vacant-during-pandemic-1.4918208 The other links explain that COVID-19 is exaggerated – its based on endless testing and deaths attributed to COVID instead of other causes etc. Many people die every flu season. I provided a link about the care homes also. It’s a long story. Read the links, thank you to everyone for their comments. As far as gatherings, these measures infringe fundamental rights, including freedom of assembly and religion. I think I need to provide a link to that. https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/Const/page-15.html And the emergency orders are not legitimate anyway because there is no valid emergency. Thanks for your comments.

  21. Love listening to the young, stupid and anti-establishment comments regardless of the topic with no facts, data and experience only the “my opinion is right because I don’t like it” it ever ends. Those who are anti-mask are only anti-establishment or hate authority have not suffered the loss of a loved one or experienced a sickness like this, I have. Masks do work, I have used them for 44 years in Hospital, Universities, Chemical Plants and Construction, so don’t tell me they are useless, grow up, stop being ignorant, stop crying and stop wasting the resources of the police and health care professions they have more important things to do then fix your never ending mistakes because if your ignorance.

    • I provided a link to show that the masks do not protect against viral spread. They are very useful for other considerations regarding work as I’ve experienced also. It depends on what you’re trying to avoid– so in the case of infecting wounds for example with spittle. I don’t know how long you think they’ll run with this COVID-19 situation. You think it’s going to end? They’ll have us wearing masks indefinitely. I would require proof. Thankfully there isn’t any. The media and governments have been preventing one-sided information. We have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that guarantees those rights and freedoms. Someone always knew that there were efforts to oppress people and enslave them. These are “exciting times” to live in.

  22. Hey Alan, seems like you conveniently omitted to respond to my question, so I will ask it again… what if you are completely wrong with your beliefs about Covid-19? Are you prepared to face the legal consequences if someone, because of your urging, gets sick or worse still, dies? Then there is the moral weight that death carries. Again, I ask you, are you prepared for the idea that someone may get sick and die because of these gatherings that you are organizing?
    I believe that until you have 100% of the facts, you sir, are acting in an ignorant and irresponsible fashion. It’s still not too late to call it off!!

    • I did try to respond to your question. I provided a lot of links you can read. Provide evidence you didn’t kill someone last year with influenza. Prove it. Provide evidence that the virus isn’t already spread around and that it’s so harmful. I provided lots of evidence that these are lying dangerous people in charge. These are test cases they are generating by testing people – whether the results are valid or not. It creates the impression of a “pandemic” and they used the deaths of seniors to inflate the numbers. Read the links provided. People should be focusing on protecting those who are must vulnerable and those who are sick already with various diseases – instead they were isolated from their families and neglected as a result. A valid response is not to shut down our economy. It’s a dictatorship being built around us. That’s what’s happening. Do something about it whether it’s you or someone else.

      • Again, look at the absurdity of what you are saying. You are arguing that there is a global conspiracy to inflate the number of cases and build a planet-wide dictatorship. Scientists, doctors, governments and populations around the world are all lying or being tricked and somehow this is being coordinated across the planet. But you, Trump, Bolsonaro, and other “freedom fighters” are exposing the real truth. What a joke!

        • I referred to the World Economic Forum’s website. Trump seems quite clearly to be part of this operation in the States – he plays a part. If Trump doesn’t do anything to stop all this. Most conservative parties are part of the system, they just play a role. So they’re all on the same page – the Liberal federal government in Canada, the provincial conservative premiers, the conservative govt in the UK, everybody. It’s just a fact. It’s global. It never happened before. They all take the same advice from Gates-funded organizations. Those include the World Health Organization. I link to my post on the Gates Foundation and WHO to the Gates Foundation funding page. Imperial College in the UK is connected with WHO and Gates funding and they provided the insane predictions at the beginning. They were false predictions. And the advised the isolation measures – these are dictatorial – hence global dictatorship. I provided the link to the WEF Great Reset. Her are two links on the influence on the British government. Thanks for reading. https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/who-controls-british-government-response-covid19-part-one https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/covid%E2%80%9319-big-pharma-players-behind-uk-government-lockdown

  23. The same old story we’ve heard one thousand times before. I’m sure you have the same script for climate change. Scientists and health experts and “the media” are wrong or lying or controlled by global puppet masters who want to enslave humanity but only a handful of people know the truth: right wing bloggers and politicians (aka people who think that reality should conform to their ideology). I’m all for scepticism but this kind of armchair conspiracy nonsense is just pathetic. All that wasted energy

    • Yes, I think reality should conform to life-affirming values, truth, proper treatment of others, respect for rights, not providing contradictory lying information, not shutting down’s peoples businesses etc.

  24. I’m all for scepticism and the questioning of authority but so much of this seems really juvenile. 99% of the “anti mask” arguments are presented not as alternative points or questions to consider but as facts. As with climate change, we are told that scientists a and “the media” (always monolithic except for your favourite blogs) are lying and manipulated by global puppet masters who want to enslave us. But a handful of right wing bloggers and politicians know the truth. It’s laughable. By all means, we should all question authority and do your research. But give me a break with your paper thin conspiracies and messiah complex. You are just embarassing yourself. Personally, I will continue to follow health experts over armchair “libertarians”.

    • I provided a link to the Great Reset. Try reading instead of assuming others are wrong.

      • Yes, the WEF is proposing a plan for global governance and we should be careful about this because the WEF has a history of privileging the interest of the wealthy and powerful. But that does not demonstrate that Covid-19 and the measures to prevent the spread of the virus are part of a global conspiracy. You are making huge leaps in logic and expecting people to believe that you have some special knowledge of the truth, while scientists and experts around the world are either idiots or liars. The hubris is astounding.

        • By the way, we are seeing the results of the anti-mask / head-in-the-sand approach you are advocating in the US right now. And how is that going? I suppose that all of the people who are dead, dying or ill are just pretending, to support the secret project of global domination? Give me a break.

          • I gave the numbers on a typical year for how many people are dying constantly in Canada – see link on this page/comments. Read up on what we have to say. Plenty to read. Prove that people dying are dying from “COVID-19” and not from something else. I explained that WHO gave instructions that basically say everyone should be put down as COVID-19 on death certificates–hard to do otherwise with those instructions. You can find that on this page–lot of information. How secret is it – is that because people don’t want to see the World Economic Forum’s website? And they don’t notice that almost all governments are following the same policies? I think that’s clear as day.

        • No you just have not been informed of the experts who dissent. I provided the link to the twelve experts (and that number is much higher than that) and they have more to say every day. So you can look that up and find out that there is plenty of dissent. The mainstream media is controlled – for a long time. The WEF’s book was written in 2017 and this policy is called the Great Reset and it fits right in. Also Kissinger has always been calling for a New World Order and he endorsed the COVID new world order a few months back. Same agenda. Actually there are a couple of doctors on my home page-one from Germany. Thanks for your comment. The more you know about things the more certainty there is about what you know. I recommend knowledge to everyone, but not the one-sided kind that disables all of us.

  25. As long as all the people who attend this event are willing to sign a waiver that they won’t go to the hospital if they become infected with Covid-29 and endanger the lives of our health care providers .. do your thing!

  26. OK. So I am sorry to have approved a couple of comments earlier. They’ve been deleted. They were very abusive and likely intimidate others from commenting.

  27. I see a lot of educate yourself and do your research here. What possible research can I do, from credible sources or from your tinfoil hat websites, that is going to outweigh what people who actually know what they’re talking about, have real education and real life expertise in the field. I know you don’t care who else you hurt, don’t care about my or anyone else’s right to not be infected by you or your covidiot followers, I know you don’t care about anything but what’s going to make you feel happy. If I have inadvertently spread any virus in my life, it was not intentional. You’re doing this on purpose. If you really and truly believe you’re right, prove it by listing the first names of your friends and family members who you are okay with seeing get Covid-19 because of you.

    • You say the people on TV know what they’re talking about. That’s the problem with people right there. So someone like Fauci or Bill Gates is complmetely trustworthy to you? How do you know? I provide links here to prove that Gates funds WHO, that the WHO Director General was a member of an abusive government, that Gates vaccines paralyzed thousands, etc. Why don’t you follow the links and then you will be less confused. I know it’s difficult to deal with. This is how our society is made. We’re all living in this system. So whatever this virus is there is very little evidence that it is different from other viruses – flu and cold. You’re being lied to. You should be careful about the most vulnerable people to make sure they are as healthy as possible and protected as much as you feel comfortable and stop believing stories about people spreading viruses without any scientific basis. I provided another link to twelve experts questioning the virus. Look them up and listen to them. The “authorities” are lying. Thanks.

  28. This has got to the most ridiculous and despicable thing I have seen in a long time. I certainly will not be in attendance and would advise anyone with at least half a brain to do the same. Hope you all have a nice day of fun before you get sick!!!