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Serenity: Introductory Speech, All-Candidates Debate (post: Jan 21, 2006) — 1 Comment

  1. In retrospect, the way I think now is more like this: The stated or, more likely, IMAGINED goals could be good, but what they are actually doing is not good and will not achieve those goals, because those aren’t the real goals. The same issue still comes up: we’re allowing too much power, very naively, to go to a special class of people who aren’t serving our interests. They serve the interests of corporations who promote and fund wars and social engineering (right and left). If they were good people who were under control democratically and served our best interests, and could be held to account, that would be a different situation, but would it be possible to achieve a system like that? Certainly it would not be possible unless real power was at the ground level in the hands of ordinary people, and they were in control of their minds and lives and believed in the same values about human life and freedom and rights. That is just not the case, but in a situation like that, possibly there could be a type of limited government that helped everyone protect themselves from predators of different kinds. To get away from talking about empty dreams of idealistic futures (usually dangerous ones), maybe we should think practically about what we can achieve in standing up for ourselves and others at this time, in this system. Part of that involves a long-term process of reversing beliefs that have been induced in everyone by propaganda, but what can we now do to show the falseness and contradictions in those beliefs?

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