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Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms FAQ on mandatory COVID vaccine — 4 Comments

    • please know i mean no disrespect for your fathers efforts. but these wars were not valid. they are a depopulation programs encrypted with other agendas to further the Cabols grip on our world.

  1. You indicate that “You will need to hire a lawyer to sue your employer for wrongful dismissal, if your employer terminates your employment for not taking the vaccine.”. What exactly is THIS Centre doing? Are the lawyers who work here preparing a suit against the governments currently trying to force experimental drugs on people against their will? Do you have a list of lawyers who are prepared to take such suits to court? Once again, individual citizens are forced to stand against our own government (whose legal bills we pay) and pay twice to try to enjoy what are supposed to be our Constitutionally protected freedoms. Just how binding is the Constitution?

    • Yes, (that organization is busy suing governments, they have a lot of other info at their site, and the previous post I had listed other groups like rebelnews who try to help those they can) those are legitimate questions, but the truth about the system is always disappointing – that many in power don’t care at all about rights and freedoms – that’s why they make it hard as you described – these are the rubber tools we have as Alan Watt used to say. Except if enough people get into the business of communicating – and these guidelines are just tools and we should use whatever tools we seem to have – and the issue is whether people will just stand up for themselves and stand with each other in solidarity and have an effect. You’ll see the section “I’ve been told by my employer that I have to be vaccinated in order to return to work/continue working; what should I do?” Well, let’s just use that section as well as the section further up in the FAQ with the template letter and communicate, educate employers and see how they react- and fellow co-workers – and don’t quit so readily. They will learn if they hear from you. Others will learn if they hear from us. Assert your rights. It goes beyond the letter of the law. It’s about right and wrong and standing up for ourselves. Not quitting, not going quietly. I think paying for a lawyer is a big obstacle, it’s not the only point made in the FAQ and it’s not something totally impossible to imagine for people willing to hunt around and work together with others. This is my attitude and I hope it makes some sense.

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