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On this page, I will try to summarize a lot of ground and jump to different subjects.   For sources to back up these points, we can deal with that on other pages.

For much of the recent insight I have gained, I would like to give credit to Alan Watt, whose website is

The points below are based on different ideas, and I have also pulled together my own interpretations of libertarianism and my experiences as a member of an authoritarian religion when I was younger.

  • The main problem in society is the lack of power of ordinary people, and the concentration of power in the hands of governments and the hierarchy who run those governments.
  • We should never have let others gain power over us, and we should not trust anyone who wants power to control others.
  • The worst people seek positions of power so that they can abuse others.  The worst tend to rise to “the top”.
  • There are aberrant people at all layers of society who worship those who are more powerful than they are and who hate those who are weaker than themselves.   This is sado-masochism.
  • We have a moral obligation to not use force to make others do things they do not want to do.  Force is justified only in self-defence and in the defence of the innocent.   This is also called the libertarian non-aggression principle.   It is also the equivalent of respect for property rights which includes the right to one’s own person – self-ownership.     It is also important to talk about justly acquired property as opposed to unjustly acquired property.   Nobody has the right to take by force resources that rightfully belong to local inhabitants.     Justice is a necessary related concept.   Peace is a related concept.  Thou shalt not kill.  Thou shalt not steal.   Do unto other as you would have them do unto you.
  • The world is a tough place.   We have a moral obligation to empathize and try to help others who are in need as best we can – the weak, the elderly, the disabled etc. – as long as they are not undeserving because of their actions.   There is always a way for people to exchange services and do their bit to chip in.  This does not mean that forcing others to supposedly help others – using government and taxation – is legitimate.
  • Government programs such as health care and welfare are used for control purposes, to encourage dependency on the State, to discourage independence, and also for surveillance of the populace, for “total information awareness” and regulation of all behavior.   “Public health” is just part of the “herd management”.   The elite sees us as “property”, like cattle, and as economic units.
  • Those in power want to weaken individuals in society and separate us from each other so that nobody shares the same values, and nobody stands up for each other when the government comes for their neighbour.
  • The elite at the top also seek monopoly control of basic necessities such as food, water and energy.  That is why their think-tanks are always talking guff about “shortages”.  They work really hard on ways to alarm us so that they can introduce their “solutions”.  To them, there are always “too many people”.   This is what most environmentalism, and “sustainable development”  especially climate change propaganda, is really about.  The elite doesn’t want other people doing well for themselves.   So they will tax the air you breath to keep you down  – if you keep letting them do that.
  • We have a moral obligation to reject the slaughter of innocents through warfare, to recognize when it is happening and to recognize the lies that are used to mask such criminality.
  • People in other cultures are entitled to their way of life and not to be interfered with by outsiders.  This is the concept of sovereignty.   If someone feels oppressed and needs help from another individual or group, they can ask others for help, but that does not justify me being forced to pay through government to supposedly help them and take sides.  Don’t steal from me.  Don’t lie to me.  Don’t give me half-truths so that the elite can impose its way of life and its structure that it created on foreigners.
  • The excuse of “helping people” in order to justify war is always a lie.  The same people obliterating children under concrete blocks and torturing people are the same people spinning the lies.
  • War is for grabbing control of  resources, and for shaping society.  In times of war, people are brought into line to obey their governments and give up rights, freedoms and their old way of life.
  • Taxation is slavery.  Taxation is coercion.  Taxation is force.  This is the nature of government also, at least government as we know it.
  • If there was a legitimate form of “government” or organization of society, it would be called something else because we would have to disassociate it from the current system.  And it would be based on the power of each individual to run their own life and to negotiate a few basic laws with others.  And we would leave others alone.  We would live and let live.
  • Allegorically speaking, we are living in a “matrix”, in a web of propaganda and deliberately created fictions.    All media are used to shape our beliefs, and our “reality” – movies, television, novels, music, etc.   “Culture creation” is also used to weaken or degrade society, to invent concepts such as moral relativism for example, to introduce bloodless revolutions, to erode institutions that often (not always) shelter, protect and buffer the individual from hostile forces, such as the family, extended family, tribal connections, or religions that have outlived their usefulness to the elite.   And also to introduce new concepts so that we are ready for them when those in power introduce them.  This is called “predictive programming”.
  • Our tax money has been used to fund the propaganda and advanced technology that is used and will be used to enslave us.
  • Governments put us in debt to international banks.   Taxation – income tax and property tax are particularly offensive – taxation implies an existing feudal system where we don’t really own our own property or labour, where we can’t do what we want with it.  What the elites are working on is an international feudal system.
  • Governments have already bound us in treaties and constantly create endless international treaties, because they are working for a “club” so to speak that believes in a single world government.   The branches of the club write policy and hand them to governments for passing into law.   The politicians work for the interests of this club and not for the people  who voted for them.  And the mainstream media hides these realities constantly so that you are not aware of them.
  • Wealth is not the way to judge character, but people are fooled into worshiping those they see as “successful”.  This is usually very misleading, because those who have the most power and money often get their wealth through “selling their souls” or doing special favours for those who agree to go along with the agenda.  That is why the  wealthiest and most powerful people do not work for freedom, and do not lift a finger for freedom.  It’s because they have joined the “club” already.  They’re enjoying their lives while everyone else gets looted.  They have also done everything they’re supposed to do and are really good at “following orders”. And most people listen to these people and follow them and respect them, which is pretty ridiculous.
  • People are controlled through fear.   They are afraid of losing their jobs. They are afraid of not having money, because they are afraid of being cut off and dying because it’s an inhumane system.  This is the unfortunate effect of a money system, and we do not control the value of the money we are forced to use.    Money means we can be taxed, and the ultimate totalitarian system seeks the means to cut off electronically all dissenters from the means of basic survival.
  • Legislation and the legal system are also used to trap people in a web of minute laws and fines or jail penalties in order to force them to keep upgrading their basic means of survival – their home standards, their heating methods, their vehicle standards.
  • The religion of this “club” does not believe in competition.   It believes in monopoly.  There is no “free market” in this system.  The existing ideologies of left and right are controlled by the same people at the top, who infiltrate everything they can with their wealth.  Everything is regulated.   You need money to do anything, to get a permit or license, education, qualifications.  You need to pay and pay.  Those who are most able to “pay” are the “fittest” and they “survive”, whereas others are to be considered as “less fit” and “useless eaters”.    This is the philosophy of “evolution” and “eugenics”.   It wants the world for itself, so it has a depopulation agenda which it is quite open about, but the mainstream media doesn’t talk much about it, except just enough to make you gradually accept it.
  • You are supposed to think of poorer people as lesser people, to despise them and disrespect them.  Because you are to assume that they are poor because they were lazy, not because their water was poisoned, or because their air was poisoned, or because they were experimented on, or were wounded in a war, or because they were lied to and defrauded.   On the other hand, the man with the “biggest gun”, who kills the most people and “wins” in the end.   He’s supposed to be the “good guy”.  The psychopath is the “winner”.  Those in power, who are prepared to nuke millions of people or do other evil to people constantly – large scale or small – burning down churches like at WACO etc. – these people are the “winners”.   They dress the best and wear the nice jewelry and they are prepared to crush other people because they are so “good” and “love” you so much.    The deluded can always tell the “bad guys”, because they’re the ones who are smoke and ashes after talking back to “the Man”.   To them, God obviously loves the sick bastard who is bombing and torturing.
  • “Good” always “wins” in the end – this is the false belief at the back of our minds.  You don’t get off your butt and fight evil, because you think your Savior is coming.  The “good king” is always around the corner in our minds and the cavalry is always coming to save us.     But the “good guys” never actually show up in the real world, because they’re missing in action, and chewing their hay.
  • Ordinary people are easy prey because we can’t relate to those in power who are psychopaths and predators.  We assume they mean well and are just like us, so when they lie, murder and steal we don’t see it.
  • We are also used to the system that we were born into and our parents never warned us about it anyway, so it must be okay in our minds.
  • There is a spiritual reality in my view.  Materialism is bunk.  But religions were created and used by the elites in their time for controlling people.   In fact, the Bible and other holy books are full of dis-empowering teachings which I had to live with for a large part of my life.    Other dis-empowering teachings are taught by the “New Age” such as: “Don’t think about anything negative”,  “They must have done something to deserve it”, “Everything’s going to be okay if you think positive”.
  • One of the mechanisms for control is the “dialectic”.  The elite create one side, create an “opposite”, a left and a right, or a pro and con and let you “debate” the “issue” or go to war over it (or more likely you watch others debate it and go to war over it).  Then you end up compromising and you help move things along in the direction they wanted to go in the first place.   The elite work with and use all sides of their pyramid:  socialists, fascists, communists, capitalists.

(First edition – Aug 30/09)


Key Points — 4 Comments

  1. Hey Alan,

    I just read through all your “Main Points” – great list! This is the type of stuff that should be put in magazines and on every web site. It’s amazing how much you learn about the world in a relatively short period of time once you really open up your eyes.

    Your points are very clear and concise.


  2. We need to organize, protest, hand out fliers, etc, to get around the controlled media. Please post information about groups one can join in each city so we can get organized. It is a race against time.

  3. Using the web is not good enough. Lots of people do not get their news from the web; just TV. Those that do use the web often just go to the lamestream media sites like Fox, CNN, CBC, etc. We must go directly to the people. There are still lots of older people who don’t even know how to use the internet, or rarely use it if they do.

    • Hi Fabio, that’s right about the web. The fliers are a good idea. It’s best for people not to panic but to pace themselves. There are organizations of different stripes and attending meetings may be helpful for getting your own ideas across and meeting like-minded individuals but I find that there can be endless frustration in groups with others’ views because people have plenty of disagreements over basic issues unfortunately, that’s just the way it is, and also they can divert people back into Establishment fake causes. I hope people can find a few people of like mind in their area and sort out their own ideas and get their facts together. Maybe its helpful going to local council/bylaw meetings or Ontario Landowners meetings (property rights) etc. and other groups where we have some things in common about other issues. I have a few Canadian sites (and American) listed on my links page if they’re helpful. Please feel free to post other suggestions for readers’ benefit. Keep in touch – Alan

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