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  1. http://southweb.org/lifewise/the-lead-vaccine-developer-comes-clean-so-she-can-sleep-at-night-gardasil-and-cervarix-dont-work-are-dangerous-and-werent-tested/

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    Vivienne says:
    June 30, 2013 at 8:09 pm

    I have been a pharmacist for thirty years, originally towing the conventional medicine line and believing all I had been taught. As the years went by I started questioning these facts and now I am extremely skeptical about almost everything I learnt.

    Last year when I was working in a Compounding Chemist (making up high dose vitamin capsules and creams from natural thyroid extracts among other things) I was speaking with a 20 yr old girl who had received the Gardisil vaccination approximately 2 years before and she had suffered a stroke soon afterwards. She is now rehabilitating after being paralysed on one side of her body and needing to re-learn walking and talking. I was shocked and upset for her.

    I already had severe doubts about the vaccination programme which was almost forced (by emotional pressure) onto school aged girls in Australia where I was. There are too many vaccines and other medicines out there in general & regular use which are not only ineffective or of doubtful efficacy (e.g. flu vaccine) but are downright dangerous (too many to mention…).

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