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  1. GNOSTIC Media host (I cannot at the moment recollect your name)

    Thank you for hosting Joe Atwill. I so highly recommend the audience read his book Ceasar’s MESSIAH. Also documentary with Joseph Still moderating.

    Thank you for soaring gnosis TRUELY regarding Gregory Baitson, spin mister so called anthropologist son of Margeat Mead also somewhat of a charoletton too perhaps. No doubt like ‘Journey to Eslon’ dude writing in a library pretending to be in the culture written about or being in the field imposing values antithical. THE GOLDEN BOUGH IS NOT THE SAME THAT’s a cool book. I bet deceased (not really deceased) mythologist Joseph Campbell would agree. NOT INCLUDING Council On Foreign relations JERK-OFF circles SO TO speak. (sorry for the juvenile expression,cool earlier written). However cool has a certain pathos about it as a descriptive word). ALSO thank you for penetrating info on Weaponizing Anthropology as reference to Gregory Bateson. Along with implications to project MLK regarding counterculture psyops including. Even ‘COURSE IN MIRCLES’. THAT IS ASTOUNDING. I feel the book COURSE IN MIRCLES has it’s merits like many things done in moderation including spying. There AUGHT to be a support group to help spyies lessen their behaviour when not really needed by an informed polytic. DRUID/Culdian/Celtic/monk TWELVE-STEP program WALKING ACROSS THE SKY MODEL that Ceasar looted would be fine fine as one of many options. Eckhart Tolle said the need to know when done out of context can be a form of violence. Too much any anti-anxiety stuff can be like hiroin. Even popcorn when watching a movie can be annoying.

  2. Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for your comment, but I’m just linking to the actual site. It sounds like you’d also want to address your comments directly at the above link at gnosticmedia.com

  3. Yes Allen. My mistake…Thank you…Bless your heart… I should have realized this.


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