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No More Lockdowns – Randy Hillier speaks in Brantford Ontario — 1 Comment

  1. I am wondering what I can do? My children are not doing well because of Covid restrictions and the extra work that has been piled on me because of all of this shut down garbage has overwhelmed me. I also don’t understand why the schools keep shutting down when there are no reasons to. Why isn’t AMAZON and Purolator and the postal office not all shut down? Isn’t this part of the reason for rising numbers? Why are the excempt from this? Why are their professional sports? I understand that essential means Food, Water, Clothing, Shelter, and access to Educationa and Health Care. When was a vape store, liquor store, or marijuana store ever an essential? You can’t make my family stay in lockdown while a player makes a million dollars to play a sport. You can’t make my family stay in lockdown when a trip to the supermarket means I am in contact with far more people than I would if I went to the various clothing and non-essential stores, and the supermarkets are no cleaner. I shouldn’t have to pay the price for the fact that the government has never dealt with all the problems nursing homes have had for a long time, and the working conditions of minimum wage workers in this province. How is my daughter going to afford university if she can’t work? I am a severe asthmatic and I am sure I have had Covid a minimum of once, didn’t know because it wasn’t a thing yet, so I get the severity of this flu but I also know that people die every day from a variety of things. This is the cycle of life and I am not trying to make light of it. If I speak up people mock me and say you just don’t get it. The people in the hospitals say how bad it is. But they only see the severe cases. They see severe cases of everything. People die in car accidents every day. Should we stop driving cars? Kids get hit when riding their bikes. Should we stop riding bikes? i am not great at math but I think I might have a higher chance of dieing from a heart attack than Covid. So why do I need to endure another lockdown.

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