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  1. I read about 60% of the article,Clint Richardson…Only way to stop geo.Thanks Alan,I agree with your comments.A peaceful protest,activist strategy to achieve the desired result is where I want to concentrate my efforts.So it takes careful thought and research on how to exersice my right to peacful protest.As a teenager I had the chance to hone my skills to contribute in forming The Ontario Libertarian Party.I was also active in campaigning for my dad, running as an Independant Conservative.That was in 1973-1976.I have the renewed need to challenge my government on their totalitarian agenda.Now, I am in search of the right vehicle to which I can contribute my time and energy,to induce change.

  2. The OLP has Meetings 2nd wed.at 7pm of each month at 245 eglinton ave. e,Granite Brewery.I missed the May 7 meeting.Its over 35 years that I have not been active.Back in the 70’s I lost interest because I felt the olp was a tad too far right.I am curious to see if the party moderated to fit and hold my attention.


    • Political activism is deliberately divided artificially by the false left-right paradigm. One set of ideals is on the “left” with that group – and the other set of ideals is over on the “right” with that group. There are errors mixed in on both ends of the spectrum. Divide and conquer. The governing parties pretend to oppose each other but pursue the same big agendas and support the same system – globalism, taxation, monopoly, banking system, cultural demolition and depopulation, total control.

  3. You took the words right out of my mouth.Our political parties are puppets to agenda 21 ,for which the result is plain to see at the municipal level.I am concerned that Canada’s sovereignty has eroded beyond repair. Unless the next political party voted in , gives Canadian citizens the power to vote on policies by way of a referendum.So which party is likley to adopt such an idea?How can I sell this implemtation tool(policy by referendum) to a political party?Can it be executed by robocall?Randomly select a pool(quota) of citizens nation wide,just like jury duty?Vote twice a year on what policies canadians would like to have a referendum on.

    • If we have a way of expressing ourselves in a firm and even legal way on particular issues, case by case, in larger and larger numbers, then it’s bound to get noticed by those propping up the system, including many politicians. So that’s getting towards the idea of direct democracy. It would work in the direction of greater rights if there are a lot of ordinary people with a conscience who participate (a majority is too much to ask) The other side, however, is armies of NGOs who are highly organized and paid professional salaries. That’s the weakness of a “democratic” strategy, just counting heads – but depending on how the issue is worded and expressed, it would be harder to find people willing to oppose because their conscience would bother them. If it’s an expression of principles and rights, then it’s clear-cut, and we don’t need to depend on the authority agreeing with it or pronouncing against it. The authority takes it or leaves it. But the power of the non-consent of a growing number of people perhaps builds and builds. I think I’ve seen websites who have tried to set up direct democracy voting and so on in some areas. It’s a worthwhile effort, but Clint argues that all of this Internet speech and social media has no effect on the system. As long as we’re just on the Internet, it’s like being in a Matrix of our own that doesn’t matter. I think he has a point.

  4. I came across your Libertarian site.I went to Dunbarton,and my Dad ran in Durham West.We moved to pickering in ’68 because Frenchmans Bay was a good choice to moore a sail boat.I miss those sailing days.Oh,and working at Swan’s Marina,Working at Bay Ridges Bakery.

  5. I experienced at 9 years old the appreciation and mindful respect of True freedom.I had the privilege of sailing International waters (Atlantic seaboard). Mindful respect came from responsibility for myself, the boat (named Sea Shells,40ft Piver Victruos trimaran,Built by dad), respect for others (captain, crew) and the enviroment (weather, wildlife, earth, ocean). Freedom compels us to follow Karma and be true to what our conscience dictates. I believe that all persons ultimately know right from wrong but because we live in a social pool, greed and power has distorted our innocence. Appreciation comes from realizing true freedom is rare. I think that is as close as one can get to A Utopian Ideology.As I aged and become wiser,Freedom manifests a manageable amount of risk and fear.I still rather be sailing.

  6. A follow up of last comment which describes my experience at 9 years old.I was deeply impacted and shocked at observing and witnessing horrors of how people live when freedom is taken away.This was Haiti in 1967 under the ruthless grip of a dictator,Papa Doc,Duvalier.Haiti was one of our ports of call on Sea Shells maiden voyage.We docked at a old commercial wharf in Jeremie for 5 days.I saw limb less people begging,one man was marshalled by police and forced to pee in front of papa doc’s statue,a boy my age diving for bits of coal that fell off the loading dock.It was a scene juxtaposed to Canada’s 100th birthday, expo ’67 in Montreal three months prior.You get the picture.I don’t think much has changed.Actor and activist Sean Penn rants on government corruption in Haiti after the earth quake.I was very close to have becoming permanently separated from my uncle and dad on a last minute run to get supplies before departure.I was distracted by a prostitute and suddenly my dad and uncle were not near me.The episode lasted for a few minutes before I caught sight of dad.Tremendous fear set upon me in those minutes.I felt a rush of activity on behalf of the strangers that surrounded me.I believe my father and uncle caught site of me just in the nick of time.These images of Haiti were reinforced when I toured Mexico and Belize in my van in the early ’90s.I appreciate socializing,learning the culture and living with the poeple of the country I visit.When I come home ,I feel fortunate we have a lot more freedoms than others.Freedom is very precious ,it is not to be taken for granted.

  7. My appreciation goes out to the editor and construction of this site.Alan Mercer.Also Canadians who read his articles because being informed and finding the truth is the inertia that leads to protecting our cival liberty and freedoms.We have a chance to end the erosion of Canadian soveriegnty and end the desicration of Canada’s Charter of Rights.If enough citizens want change ,just through shear magnitude, we the people can preserve our canadian liberty.Please post your comments so we can get the ball rolling.

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