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Ontario’s new lockdown order (announced on January 12, 2021) — 2 Comments

  1. Even at that, they openly admit that the reason for the lockdowns is their inability to properly run a healthcare system (no flexibility to provide critical care if numbers of seriously ill actually spike), and not any ‘public health’ emergency.

  2. They know what they’re doing. I think considering the policies introduced since the spring, with empty hospital beds and vast excess in capacity for most of the year, that they are just arbitrarily declaring a certain number of ICU beds to be ‘critically low’ or whatever term they use. In past years, I don’t believe there was much of any concept like that, hospitals are not supposed to have excess beds. It’s a rationing and control system they’re introducing for their Great Reset and it includes the death panel policies they introduced in March, which they carried out, as I explain here: http://canadianliberty.com/covid-info-20201218/ I will try to post more on this topic. There was an article about the UK hospital system recently showing that they were pulling this crisis “low on beds” routine again.

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