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“Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone” by Hoffer and Saul (tbc) — 1 Comment

  1. I have the book and treasure it. A Medical meta-research writer, I fully appreciate the conciseness, readability, and usefulness this work is to the world and this country at this ugly time in our medical history. Like them, I am strongly miasmic and have seen the “impossible” diagnosis stopped and healing take place enough times to know that ortho medicine is on task, and is way, way, underappreciated. In the month of March so far, I have gifted 5 copies to needy friends, and plan on purchasing a lot more. For me, this is the Honest Version of health issues to match the joke between covers of the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) so hallowed by the mainline Pharma and their lackeys. This is the Orthomedicine Desk Reference. It is honest, brief, accurate, and effective. Just what the People wanted. I give it an A+; or on a 0-100, a 99; or in statistical terms: 3 1/2 Standard Deviations over the norm. Thin air, but these two Winners and 65 authors earned it.

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