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  1. This procedure has been sold to people as a right. But whenever there is a war or terror event there are less and less of the regular rights. There are new kinds of taxes on something that is essential for life – carbon. Wars are sold in the same way, sanctions, rights violations in war time, new wars every day, justifying people being terrorized in Libya or crushed by bombs in Iraq – wars were part of the past too and sold in a similar way as they are now. People have been told to value things other than human life. The older system was intended to put the value on human life at least in health care. People still don’t realize that there are systemic causes to their health problems and suppression of information of alternative treatments so there is terrible health care. Health care is put in monetary terms – it has been that way for a long time. the other side of this is suffering – that’s covered – so the offered solution is death. Sometimes there were extreme cases. This new system is likely to be expanded as the Quebec court has complained that it’s too narrow. It is a change in values towards the Fabian system advocated a hundred years ago by George Bernard Shaw and others like him who wanted people to justify their existence – there is a film clip of him saying this. Euthanasia is part of a designed Brave New World system and it goes along with many other changes. It’s only going one way. It’s portrayed as a good thing and it’s pushed as a good thing as with other agendas. All of these changes take time and are pushed very slowly and gradually within their economic system of people feeling economic pressure for themselves and for others. There is nothing perfect about the past but I would feel more comfortable if someone could restore the past function of doctors and hospitals and not allow this to be done by them. It’s not really about me stopping anyone individually – there are extreme cases but I don’t want to support a system where “health care” and government are doing this. People are locked in more and more and perceive only what they are told and presented with the same situations in life constantly now.

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