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Support networking needed for conscientious resisters – for vaccines, lockdowns and other policies — 4 Comments

    • Thank you for your efforts.

      I think networking is a must. I am searching for this kind of initiative for weeks now with not much luck unfortuantely. I’ve gone through several alternative and decentralized social networks like Gab, Minds, Pocketnet etc. There are a few alternative news sources to find there, but not a lot of ‘normal people’ trying to do anything about the situation in my opinion. Which is even more depressing especially since there seems to be zero awareness among the people in the place I live in (not Canada).

      I think there are a lot of technologies that could be used in the situation we’re in, especially decentralized, open source, crypto currencies and other block chain based technologies.

      The first steps should be finding a right, censorship proof place to talk about this as a lot of people are still using legacy social media like FB or twitter that are being censored, monitored and should not be considered safe.

      • Thanks Adam. There is an encrypted parallel system (Internet, using blockchain and rasperry pi is an option) that Corbett and others have talked about if you want to look into it, I’m sorry I have forgotten the name of it and will try to dig that out, maybe you could look into it and help us understand how to work it. But there’s no perfect secrecy anyway because networks can be infiltrated by people anyway, so people have to talk to each other anyway when they need help, that’s my point with that. And maybe start doing it now, getting local contacts together on hard copy for themselves and not sharing the info with anyone else unless there’s a need. People in FB groups responded positively when I posted on this, some very intelligent people out there in various groups with same attitude about all this. And I think people have opposite opinions about using social media which is obviously their system which they control. My attitude is that they’ve been sucking up all electronic data for decades now using Echelon etc. It’s true that the more encryption the better but they will always try to go after it, to ban it. There are backdoors in the OSs, they’ve always snooped on mail even. And people are at different levels of tech ability. Public push back means push back that is quite open. We’re still trying to push back openly. Some information we want to keep private but when people need help they’re going to make noise hopefully. Let me know if you find out the details. Thanks.

        • Hey Alan. That’s new, I never heard of that. I will definitely do some research about the raspbery pi thing.
          There are a lot of different options. A lot of them very new and known mostly by geeks. It takes time for the new technologies to gain popularity. We may not have much time though. That’s why I think it is a role of those of us that are a bit more tech savvy to educate the others. Even using crypto currencies seem to be an ‘alien technology’ to a lot of people I know, so there’s some work to be done here.
          As for os’es and and hardware being compromised with back doors, unfortunately that is what I heard as well. Although, It may be paralysing to think that we are pitted against something omniscient, after all there are a lot of technologies that are clearly hated by the controllers like privacy crypto coins for example that are still around and seem to be unbroken.
          Social media is a broad term. I am all for diversification.
          Searching for different decentralized platforms may be a good start. Few different ones, so there’s always an alternative place to reconnect if one platform gets compromised. Maybe there are already similar groups over the internet that could be connected together.
          I will definitely be getting back to you if I find anything promising.

          All the best.

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