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The insanity and irresponsibility of impoverishing CO2 reduction policies — 1 Comment

  1. RE: THE IMPACT OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT ‘AGENDA 21/Rio+20 one-world-order ‘central planning’ & who is to pay for it. Q-1. Has anyone studied t impact of CIGI, ICLEI, Agenda 21 & Rio+20 ‘central planning’ compliant governance imposed on communities having rewritten their laws etc. to permit unelected appointed regional officials and special interest stakeholder planners to decide on t rules, regulations, provisions residents must live under? Q. Are police in local communities being replaced by Code Enforcers, t O’s Civilian Security Force, volunteer monitoring contractors, & control monitoring devices? Q-3. Why have so many communities, groups, etc. withdrawn fr ICLEI membership & perhaps other memberships? Q-4. What has the impact been of t public cost of public private ngo partnership financing of enviro.friendly community projects, green infrastructure, & $$$$$ salaries or fees to pay for gr contractors that households & owners must pay for?

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