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Vaccine waiver for Ontario school pupils – statement of conscience or religious belief — 8 Comments

  1. Others might have used this and they could clarify better than I could.

    From reading online about how others use these types of forms in the States, you sign it in front of a Commissioner for Oaths / Notary Public (Yellow Pages) who also signs it. Then you take it to the official at your child’s school [correction – public health unit not school] when the subject of immunizations comes up and give it to them. Have one for each child. Originals, not copies.

    (example of someone in Texas: http://educate-yourself.org/lte/stevevaccineexemption05dec11.shtml)

    Assert your rights and your firmly held convictions anyway regardless of the form and all the legal details.

    If you’re going to have a long conversation with the principal or whoever, maybe they will be very interested. Get the list of vaccine products and then you can get official product information sheets from the Internet or a pharmacy (government sites, manufacturer site have these as pdf files, wikipedia can help and my vaccines page: https://canadianliberty.com/?p=4684). The official information sheets list known adverse reactions, contraindications, recommendations, ingredients. Also there are adverse events reporting sites run by governments. Search by product name. There is third party info also in the news about mistakes they’ve made and failures in not being effective and terrible side effects depending on the vaccine. Print it all out, highlight all the concerns you have with whoever’s pushing the vaccine.

    If you are in an employment situation, I guess the form is only for schools. Maybe there are other types of forms for different situations, or people should come up with their own forms to assert their rights as human beings – not animals – and review them with some legal advice.

    If “authorities” are going to make us uncomfortable, there is a lot of scandalous and awful information about vaccines available. So use it to make them very uncomfortable. Some of the possible side effects of these vaccines are extremely serious. Concerns about toxic ingredients are very legitimate. And the philosophical and religious issues such as fetal cells can also be very serious.

  2. You submit it to the Public Health Unit in which your child goes to school.. ie: so if you child goes to school in Toronto, you submit the form to Toronto Public Health. Do not give it to the school (the school has nothing to do with collecting the information).

    The Statement of Conscience or Religious Belief Affidavit only governs the Immunization of Student Pupils Act, it does not apply to any other legislation. Therefore if say your employment or such requires you to be immunized, this form won’t be able to cover you. Hope this helps.

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