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Amazing history lesson on elites & education: Trivium Method vs. Classical Trivium — 5 Comments

  1. One has to be very careful here. Gnostic Media is run by a man named Jan Irvin who actually espouses an Ayn Randian, Cartesian humanist materialist agenda. Being a Rand-cultist, he specifically rejects quantum physics, also rejected by Dr. David Harriman, who has noted affiliations with Ayn Rand teachings. He supports classical, Newtonian physics, while true in many points, is a major assumption of an incomplete science.

    See here, David Harriman being exposed: http://aynrandcontrahumannature.blogspot.com/2011/05/inside-cultist-mind-2.html

    The trivium, you see, is promoted in the guise of pioneers like Dorothy Sayers, a well-known Christian humanist materialist. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dorothy_L._Sayers

    Sayers espoused the trivium method, which Irvin and others like Gnostic Media have picked up on, touting the trivium as THE method in which “history” is managed. Don’t be fooled. The trivium can only function under the laws of the “five senses” which are really only applicable under the umbrella of classical, materialist ideology. Materialists say that what appears via your five known physical senses is only reliable. This medieval way of looking at the world has been debunked by cutting-edge science, such as by the quantum physics.

    See top scientist Ervin Laszlo on quantum physics: http://tv.ibtimes.com/interview-dr-ervin-laszlo-speaks-topics-related-quantum-physics-and-his-new-book-simply-genius-882

    Linear ideologies, such as classical physics, mathematics has also been disproved, of which the trivium, at least Irvin’s version, is based upon.

    All Gnostic Media, Tragedy and Hope and other affiliations have managed to do, then, is repackage the medieval, classical version of the trivium with corporate and government conspiracies, thereby creating another religion or trivium cult, based on old Ayn Randian logic, and holy mushroom phenomena.

    If you would rather have the Bible as THE way to bridge spiritual and physical matters, please, indulge yourself. The trivium exposed is rather dogmatic.

    • Yes, be careful of Jan Irvin and the fallacies he makes, but the Trivium itself is not one of them. It is a valuable tool that I would recommend you learn apart from Jan Irvin, as he is hypocritical and doesn’t practice what he preaches. Peace.

      • It’s good to be careful about all sources of info.

        Jan Irvin’s gnosticmedia.com is a great site, and he presents valuable sourced information about the mind control agenda of the establishment. For example, the articles on the about Gordon Wasson is clear as day. The facts are all there.

        You don’t mention any of his alleged fallacies, and any examples of how you think he is hypocritical.

        I don’t agree at all.

  2. Thanks for your comments.

    As far as quantum mechanics, I think that anything like this can be challenged. I was impressed with Jan Irvin’s interview with Harriman, and I look forward to reading his book someday, including what he has to say about logical induction.

    I think that a lot of Christian tradition historically, like St. Thomas Aquinas – based on Aristotle (and also Rand who was an atheist) and not just materialist tradition emphasized logic and I think this is the issue with quantum physics – there are contradictions in two particles being at two places at once. It becomes another myth that we *believe* in because a priesthood preaches it via the media constantly – instead of testing it. The use of logic doesn’t mean that Christians had all their facts right (grammar). But there were efforts to be logically consistent within their system.

    I enjoy listening to Gnostic Media and I wouldn’t listen to it if I thought Jan Irvin was a materialist or a dogmatic atheist or a Rand cultist. I don’t think your statement makes sense. The idea is to learn from different kinds of people and not dismiss the information because of the belief system and background of the person involved.

    I’ve learned from Ayn Rand and was influenced by her but I’m not a follower any longer. I thought Atlas Shrugged was very helpful at that stage of my life and I got something important out of it about freedom and self-determination. But I never adopted her atheism, and I had to drop her system because of issues I had about selfishness and especially about her ideas about foreign policy and war. But that doesn’t mean I can’t listen to Harriman.

    I have heard Jan Irvin talk about his views on Ayn Rand and it is much the same attitude I have. He’s not a Rand cultist at all.

    Rand was always criticizing anybody outside of her camp, even those who had shared many of her core attitudes on politics, and that included most libertarians – because many were Christian, and libertarian anarchists. She objected to anarchism.

    Also, how can Sayers be a materialist if she was a Christian?

    The point of the trivium method, I think, is not to deny that there may be methods of gaining information other than through the five senses and not to deny that there may be a spiritual realm. The point is to challenge information from all sources – visions, bibles, scientists, media, politicians, books, even the five senses – from any source – and put that information to the test – gathering all the facts we can, testing for logical contradictions and then being able to determine truth and falsity so that we communicate sound information to others (grammar, logic, rhetoric).

    My experience with the Bible was that it contained unsound ideas and information which contradicted my moral understanding – e.g. how Moses slaughtered the Canaanites and didn’t show mercy to women and children. So I used this type of reasoning before I learned about the Trivium.

    The real issue is that we can’t just allow allegedly mystical sources of information to permeate our minds and take over, because they can just be scams by con-artists in order to gain power over us. And the point of the work researchers do with so-called “conspiracies” is to pursue the truth about how corrupt the system is.

    Gnostic Media especially is challenging some of modern New Age and philosophical ideas and even scientific doctrines that people have adopted as articles of faith instead of testing them for themselves. It also talks about how government uses religion throughout history to mold our minds.

    Quantum theory, whether true or not, is just one issue. There is a basic philosophical corruption in our society because we have been led to believe by very well paid scammers at the top that there is no such thing as truth, no such thing as right and wrong, no such thing as being certain about anything. In my view, this is just a lie that we’re force-fed so that those in power can manipulate us, so that we are unable to make judgments and identify wrong-doing by those in power.

  3. History ALWAYS repeats itself! Evil people want power, ALWAYS! Good people must remain vigilant, knowledgeable about history & liberty.

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