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  1. I have seen a number of video clips that show a person with a cellphone (possibly not all of the affected persons) begin to rotate and raise one arm as though it is an antennae. The person continues to rotate until they collapse on the ground in a state of convulsions/seizures until he/she is immobilized and apparently dies. Upon watching the Mind Control: MK Ultra documentary which shows the video of the bull with the electromagnets implanted in its brain Dr Delgado who is controlling the behaviour of the bull by pressing a remote control device; the bull also rotates in a circular manner similar to the persons in the videos. The similarity of the bull’s behaviour and the affected persons gives me great concern; since a known ingredient in the Covid 19 ‘vaccines’ is graphene which has both electrical and magnetic properties. It is with a heavy heart that I share this observation with you and your supporters and with a degree of hope that this information, hopefully, will lead to the revelation of the truth regarding the actual purpose of these ‘vaccines’. Sincerely, S. (Canada)

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