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Sexualization, Sex Agenda, Hyping Sex, Sex Education, Promoting Promiscuity, Obsession and “Brave New World” (separating sex from bonding and reproduction), Pornography

Also see: Culture, Population Control, Endocrine/Hormone Disrupting Chemicals, Family, Abortion, Reproduction, Eugenics

UK-Liberal Democrats Push the Envelope for Child Pornography

Switzerland Considers Repeal of Incest Laws

Sex Agenda: Outraged moms, trashy daughters–Macleans

Food?, Endocrine Disruptors: “Girl, you’ll be a woman sooner than expected” – LA Times – “Puberty is arriving ever younger in American females — 8 is no longer considered abnormal”

Anti-Family Agenda: Four in 10 Say Marriage Is Becoming Obsolete – Agenda of isolating individuals from each other so that they are under the thumb of the State. More and more children raised without married parents.

Pole Dancing for 9 Year-oldsPole Dancing for Children in B.C. Canada

Family, Adoption, Sex Offenders: London School of Economics family law expert Advocates Adoption of Children by Sex Offenders – and the opposite extreme: extreme draconian vetting and barring scheme for working with children that UK government put in place

“Pope is out of step with Catholics because of his views on homosexuality, says Blair” (dailymail.co.uk) – April 8, 2009.

Morality, Religion, Culture: Pope Normalizes Child Porn—Suffer Little Children

No-Brainer—-Are Teenagers Hooked on Porn?

“Dad defends magazine’s nude child cover” (abc.net.au) – July 7, 2008.

new Video Game where Players Rape Women

German Educational Authorities Promote Incest

Kevin Jennings appointed Obama’s Safe School Czar-See What He Advocates

Hyper-Sexualization of Children Agenda Working Well

Education: Porno in Schools under Sex Education

Sexual Brainwashing in “Alternate Lifestyles” in Schools

Related: Brave New World Agenda Continues – Sex will not be used to have babies in just 10 years, as couples turn to IVF

Ontario Schools-Oral and Anal Sex for 8yr. Olds

Catholic schools must teach new sex ed

More on Ontario Sex Ed via Unesco

Effects of Pornography on Boys–Their Relationships with Girls

Schools Showing Porno Cartoon to 7yr. olds

Condoms for 12yr. olds go on Sale

Hypocrites-BBC on About Sexualising Society

Teachers Perform Lap Dance and Simulate Oral Sex in front of Schoolchildren

“Parents lose right over sex education” by Graeme Paton (telegraph.co.uk) – Nov. 5, 2009.

“Parents to be fined if they take their children out of sex lessons” by Laura Clark (dailymail.co.uk) – Nov. 6, 2009.

Education, Sex Education: “Children as young as five to learn about masturbation and abortion under new UN guidelines” [United Nations UNESCO] by Kirsty Walker (dailymail.co.uk) – Sept. 10, 2009.

“Pupils told they have a ‘right’ to a good sex life: That’s the advice for youngsters from the NHS” by Daniel Martin (dailymail.co.uk) – July 12, 2009.

“Please Report to Your Resident Assistant to Discuss Your Sexual Identity-It’s Mandatory! Thought Reform at the University of Delaware” by Adam Kissel (thefire.org) – October 31, 2008.

“Primary schools give sex education to children as young as FIVE after the Alfie Patten case” (dailymail.co.uk) – March 10, 2009.

“Teen pregnancies tied to tastes for sexy TV shows” by Lindsey Tanner (at msnbc.msn.com) – Nov. 3, 2008.

“Give young children sex education” ITN (itn.co.uk) – Oct. 23, 2008.

“Sex education ‘should begin at four’ ” by Tulip Mazumdar (news.bbc.co.uk) – July 4, 2008.

Education, Sex Education: Nat. Health Service Provides Sex Advice to 13yr-olds–by Texting

Thinly Disguised Promo for Bisexuality

Pupils to be Awarded GCSE in Sex

What do You Think Made You Heterosexual ?–Diversity Course

500,000 Cases last Year of STDs in Young Women

“U.N. Report Advocates Teaching Masturbation to 5-Year-Olds” by Joseph Abrams (foxnews.com) – Aug. 26, 2009.

Related: “No men OR women needed: Scientists create sperm and eggs from stem cells” by Fiona Macrae (dailymail.co.uk) – Oct. 29, 2009.

Article: “Death of the father: British scientists discover how to turn women’s bone marrow into sperm” by Fiona MacRae, dailymail.co.uk – Jan. 31, 2008.

The Agenda and the Seventies

The Effeminization of Men Movement–UK

Flagship Britain offers 11yr-old Girls Pregnancy Tests. Abortions, Morning After Pills in School Pilot Project

“Why more women are only too happy to stay childless” by Maria Sweeney (independent.ie) – July 15, 2009.

“NHS viral video on teen pregnancy banned by YouTube” by Mark Sweney (guardian.co.uk) – May 15, 2009.

lessons on Rape, Porn and Prostitution for 11yr. Olds

The Kinsey Syndrome video

Kinsey’s Paedophiles video

Google Video: “Kinsey’s Paedophiles – 45 min – Jul 2, 2008 – Dr. Judith Reisman documentary”.

Teacher Allowed X-Rated Acts in Classroom


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