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Update: November 9, 2019 See http://canadianliberty.com/something-has-gone-wrong-response-of-an-individual-finding-your-voice-in-canada/

Services offered:
1) Lobbying–within my current limits. Helping you as a citizen lobby governments and corporations in Canada. For example, preparing briefs for submission to parliamentary committees.
2) Researching specific issues.
3) Publishing and participating in other communications.

Wake Up. Grow Up. Stand Up.

I am putting more focused time and effort into this project. My goals are:

  1. Publishing critical, factual information in more useful formats and posting more information. See E-books page.
  2. Providing analysis of books and other media relating to key authors and topics.
  3. Communicating opinions grounded in a value system that supports human life–as shared with others case by case–on specific concerns–to governments, corporations and everyone else–via official channels and not just on the Internet–and encouraging others to do the same.
  4. Making sure the information is spread off line whether or not the Internet becomes more censored and controlled. This is a simple idea–for more on this, see the E-books page.

Background information on myself and explanation for what the overall long-term campaign and value system is all about: Brave New World Resistance and
BNW Resistance #2 – the features of Brave New World

Events, Interviews & Research: I used to be involved in politics as a candidate and organizer, so I have experience in public speaking, interviews and media communications. If there are topics you want me to address, you are welcome to contact me.

Support: Always appreciated. Value for value. Details here.

I’m currently on Facebook and Twitter.

Past Updates

May 19, 2019: Website restructured

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Other Thoughts and Goals

About 2 – Understanding this Website
Relaunch, Recommit and Refocus

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