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  1. And there is the Baha faith, whose “essential message is of unity”, the “oneness of God”, the oneness” of the human family”, and the “oneness of religion”. I actually remember they were advocating one language in the respect of linguistic diversity or something along those lines. What has always bugged me about them is not their message (I can live with fellow human beings believing in that) but their absolute conviction that it is okay to push their ideas through political organizations like the United Nations. They support world government and, of course, they love offices at the United Nations.

    And there is Albert Einstein, the anti-war pro-peace icon who also was a huge fan of the world government; not to mention that he served the industrial-military complex with great effectiveness. I can’t believe how many times I have to discuss the issue that one cannot be at the same time anti-war and pro-government.

    And there is John Holt who wrote some of the best books on the necessity of homeschooling and how schools (you know that government monopoly) are the worst place to learn… and he was of course a high fan of the world government.

    Government must draw its power from some mystic belief that the only sure thing in political philosophy is that government is good and that the ugly of government can only come from bad individuals, or something along those lines.

    Frankly, I still don’t get why all those people still believe in government to bring about piece. The more wars, the more deaths, the more they believe in government. On small issues they might recognize that government is going wrong they they use any intellectual road to still defend government.


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