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  1. For those who have under gone brain surgery for epilepsy with negative results as to treat seizure disorder, may want to question if they have been exploited for unauthorized lobotomy and /or brain implant experimentation without informed consent or authorization. Medical records and X-ray at http://www.thewhyfiles.net/mkultra4.htm#update discloses unauthorized covert lobotomy and brain implant experimentation, (Dec. 9,1969 & Jan. 27,1972, at 14 & 16 years of age) without informed consent, nor parental knowledge, while under the guise of treating epilepsy. (ie-“scar tissue removal”) This information correlates with the CIA MK-ULTRA project of psychosurgical and brain implant research upon unwitting subjects. Those subjects being myself, and other children who suffer epilepsy at the [. . . ]. I recall wards 50-G and 6-G full of children with various cranium incisions, and casts on their heads. Dr. [ ] is noted for having 15,741 children under his care between 1964-1998. It would be fair to suggest that anywhere between 10% to 1/3,. have been exploited for unauthorized surgical procedures. (1500-5000 children) Seems MK-ULTRA is alive and well, when I have a [ ] patient advocate informing me of a “on-going problem”. Most criminal that parents are being deprived informed consent, when the historical research of lobotomy upon psychiatric patients demonstrate adverse effects of “seizures and cerebral hemmorrahaging”. Anyone besides myself, survive [ ]’s covert brain surgical research?

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